New Golf Tech Debuts At CES 2013



This year’s Consumer Electronics Show(CES) features lots of new tablets and phone, but it also has an interesting golf offering. The SwingTip aims to give you as much information about your swing as possible. Only about the size of a USB flash drive, it clamps onto any golf club and sends swing data instantly via Bluetooth to the free app on an iPhone or Android device. It tracks and analyzes the users’ swings with motion sensors. In the app, users can view 3-D animations of the swings. Tiffany Hsu of the L.A. Times says, “The tool can gauge swing path and speed, club face angle, impact zone and more. The metrics are broken out individually into a scorecard and also used to compile an animated video tutorial showing the swing from three different angles.”

The SwingTip analyses over 900 pieces of data from one single swing. It also comes with 14 video and written swing tips and plans to add more to this instruction library over time.

Former PGA Tour player Ray Leach help in the development of the SwingTip. Leach says, “”I think golfers learn when they know what’s happing in their swing.Learning can’t happen if you don’t have a vision of your swing. What I think we’re getting at is helping golfers understand the origin of why, why their shots aren’t going where they want them to go.”

The SwingTip will begin shipping in the fall for $129.99.

Check out the fitness tech from CES here!


Check out the company’s video below!

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