10 Every Day Calorie Burning Activities

Weight ScaleNo matter what diet of the week ya get on, one thing’s for certain: if ya wanna lose weight, then you gotta burn more calories than ya take in. That’s math so simple even this caveman can do it. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few everyday activities and see just how many calories you’re burnin’ when ya do ’em!

1) Brushing Your Teeth

Most dentists recommend that you brush yer teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day. In one day, you’ll burn around 12 calories just from takin’ care of yer choppers! That means that in a given week, you’re gonna be losin’ close to 100 calories and gettin’ a sparkilin’ smile on top of it!

2) Shopping

Even if you’re not hittin’ Saks Fifth Avenue every week, the fact is that between groceries, clothes, and whatever other supplies ya may need, all of us hit the stores at least once a week. But even if you’re just window shopping you can still cash in on the calorie droppin’ benefits of a day at the store! Pushing a cart up and down the supermarket aisles for an hour will burn as many as 250 calories! Bag your own groceris and lug ’em to the car yourself to burn even more. If you’re at the mall, walking around for a few hours while carryin’ shopping bags can also burn upwards of 200 calories. Don’t think of that new pair of boots as an expense, think of carrying them around as an investment towards a slimmer waistline!

3) Cleaning Your House

Yeah, cleanin’ your house can be a bit of a chore, but spending time spit-shinin’ up your place can also give you a calorie burning boost! Just 30 minutes of dusting can burn 80 calories! If you get out the mop and bucket, you’ll burn even more!

4) Ironing

Most of us can’t exactly be bothered to whip out the iron, but maybe this’ll give ya a little more incentive: in 30 minutes of ironing, you can burn 76.5 calories!

5) Kissing

Yep, it’s true – kissing is a great way to burn calories. On average, you’ll burn about a calorie per minute of kissing so pucker up!

6) Folding Clothes

If laundry is your least favorite household chore then perhaps this’ll help ya bear it a little better: 30 minutes of folding clothes will burn about 72 calories. If you fold enough clothes, pretty soon you’ll have to buy smaller sizes!

7) Mowing the Lawn

Fire your lawn boy and start cuttin’ your own grass! One hour of pushin’ a lawn mower aroudn the yard will burn 324 calories. Sorry Rockheads, sittin’ on a riding mower doesn’t count. If you ditch the attachment and spend another 30 minutes raking up the clippings, you’ll lose another 171 calories!

8 ) Cooking Dinner

For every 30 minutes that you prepare dinner, you’ll burn around 74 calories. Now you don’t have to feel that guilty about a second helping!

9) Shoveling Snow

If you live in a cooler climate, you can burn major calories by simply shovelin’ your walkway. 30 minutes of snow shoveling can burn you over 200 calories!

10) Washing your Car

Break out the soap and suds and give your car a good scrubbin’! Just 20 minutes of washing your car can burn over 100 calories!

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