The Perks of Caffeine

Can a little jolt of caffeine actually help you enjoy your gym experience more? According to the New York Times, yeah!

Scientists have known for years that a quick cup of coffee before heading off to exercise will help boost athletic performances, especially during endurance sports like running and cycling. Why? Caffeine is proven to increase the number of fatty acids that circulate the bloodstream. What does this mean in caveman speak? You can pedal or run longer, farther and harder. Since muscles can absorb and burn the fatty acids that are increased by caffeine, this means that your body’s real fuel – carbohydrates – is saved until later in the workout. Caffeine is such an effective, and legal, workout aid that it has quickly become the most popular drug of choice in the Olympics.

Caffeine is also proven to boost performances in less-aerobic activities as well. If you take a quick energy drink before you hit the weights, you’ll tire much slower than if you decided to skip your caffeinated beverage of choice. With a quick dose of caffeine, athletes feel more able to invest effort in their workout routine. Caffeine is also shown to be a bit of a mood-enhancer. Basically, if you take just a bit of caffeine before your workout, you will exercise longer and enjoy it more.

With this in mind, check out some of the caffeine-based workout boosters available in The Cave and see how much better you perform with a little extra jolt!

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  • July 12, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    un bon article que je vais surement relayer, par contre êtes vous sur que ça marche vraiment ?


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