Caveman’s Essential Exercises #7: The Ten-Minute Morning Workout

I dunno about you Rockheads out there, but this here caveman has a few problems with the whole “I have to get out of bed in the morning” thing. If I had my druthers, I’d curl up in my trusty cave and sleep the day away. But bloggin’ calls so every mornin’ I drag myself away from my bedrock and get to work. Fortunately, there’s a great way to help you wake up, feel great, and kickstart yer energy for the day! No, it ain’t a cup-a-joe; it’s with Scratch’s essential mornin’ exercise routine!

A mornin’ exercise routine is a great way to get yer body going early in the day. You’ll have more energy not to mention you’ll feel better about your entire day knowin’ that you got at least a little bit of exercise out of the way already! So let’s take a look at a couple of my favorite mornin’ exercises that you can do in under ten minutes!

1) Wake Up Crunches

      • Wakin’ up to a few reps of crunches is guaranteed to get the sleep outta yer eyes. In order to give yer core a full workout, try:
        • Regular Crunch: 10-20 Reps – Just lift yer shoulder blades off the floor (so easy, this caveman does ’em every mornin’!)
        • Reverse Crunch: 10-20 Reps – Lift yer hips off the floor instead
        • Double Crunch: 10-20 Reps – I bet ya can figure this one out – lift BOTH yer shoulders and yer hips simultaneously!
        • Left Crunches: 10-20 Reps – Take yer right elbow to yer left knee
        • Right Crunches: 10-20 Reps – Reverse it!
        • Bicycle Crunches: 10-20 reps – Take yer right/left elbow to yer left/right knee by bicyclin’ yer legs
        • Stretch it out!

Yer wake up crunches should take you around 5-6 minutes.

2) Jumping Jacks/Pushups

Do 10 jumping jacks and 10 pushups. Repeat the cycle non-stop for 3-5 minutes to really get yer heart pumpin’!

3) Squats

If ya really want to work out yer legs, replace the pushups above with some squats!

4) Cardio

Once or twice a week, scrap yer reps and instead go out for a 10 minute jog in the mornin’! With spring on its way, it won’t be too soon before the sun starts peekin’ in through our cave windows earlier and earlier. Pretty soon, the sun’ll be up as early as 5:00AM givin’ ya plenty of sunlit time for ya to take a quick mornin’ jog.

So there ya have it Rockheads – Scratch’s caveman approved guide to mornin’ fitness! Got any suggestions or exercises of your own to recommend? Leave ’em in the comment section!

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