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Pinterest LogoHey there, Rockheads! Yer favorite golfin’ caveman has been tinkerin’ around with this newfangled Pinterest thing. I’m startin’ up my very own Pinterest board. Since golfin’ is kinda my game, I’m startin’ up a collection of “take yer breath away” golf courses on Pinterest. You fine folks should check ’em out and lemme know what ya think!

More than anything though, you should post YOUR favorite pics up on my Facebook Wall. The first five photos posted that get 10 “Likes” on our Facebook Wall will earn the original poster $10 of Caveman Cash plus get pinned up on our Pinterest! Wanna be sure to get hooked up with some Caveman Cash? Tell yer friends and family to help ya out by liking the pic you submit! Or, if yer feelin’ generous, you can even tell them to that they should post and earn yer friends some extra cash by clickin’ the “Like” button on their photos!

Need it broken down for ya in terms so simple even this caveman can get it?

      Step 1: Go to our Facebook Page

      Step 2: Submit yer favorite golf course picture

      Step 3: Get as many people as ya can to like yer photo

      Step 4: Profit!

Submit a photo and get quick cash for yer golfin’ gear – sounds like a deal even this caveman wouldn’t be too dumb to pass up!

Can’t wait to see what you Rockheads come up with!

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