Top 10 Worst Holiday Golf Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year, Rockheads. The holiday season is upon us. Heck, at this point it’s practically knocking down our doors. While you may have had your eye on that special set of clubs or that shiny new golf bag, there are bound to be more than a few mulligans under the tree for even the best Rockhead on the nice list. Let’s take a look at the top 10 worst holiday golf gifts, according to

The 33-in-1 Golf Club: This club offers, as the name suggests, 33 clubs in 1 confusing and unnecessary package! It has an adjustment feature that allows you to set up to 33 different lofts. You can even get right and left-handed options! The only question is: have you seriously ever seen a serious golfer use one of these abominations? Do you think Tiger adjusts the angle of his clubhead before he takes a swing? No, because that is stupid (much like this club). The ridiculous price tag even keeps it from being a good gag gift. For the crazy price of $199.95, you too can look like an enormous and inexperienced tool out on the course.

The Ian Poulter Headcover: Perfect if you’re… Ian Poulter(?)

Golf Club Rocking Chairs: Not only are these handmade chairs completely overpriced ($280 for the kids’ size and $360 for adults), but they don’t even look very comfortable. If you’ve got hundreds of dollars to spend on ugly, uncomfortable chairs, then more power to you. Still, perhaps your money could be better spent elsewhere.

A Digital Scorecard: Here’s a Pro-Tip, if you’re thinking of buying someone a scorecard, just hand them a piece of paper and a pencil. Congratulations, you’ve just saved a bunch of money on your Holiday Shopping List by switching to common sense.

Chippers: Everyone carries a chipper. A bunch of them, actually. They’re called Irons. Buying a chipper for the golfer in your life this season is only going to be redundant. This is definitely not the gift to give the golfer who already has everything because, well, he already has it.

Urogolf and Gogirl: Hilarious as these are, no one (hopefully) seriously uses them on the course. Perhaps a good gag gift, but a tube that your loved one uses to urinate in public is perhaps not the most heartfelt gift to give on that special Holiday morning.

Golf Bag Utility Belt: The utility belt fits golf balls, holds a water bottle and cell phone, and stores pencils, gloves, towels, and tees. But… isn’t that why you have a golf bag?

Flairhair Visors: Okay, I have to admit that the Flairhair visor is offered in the Cave. I’ll concede that these might not be for everybody, but they do make a great gag gift.

Loudmouth Golf Aloha Girls Pants: Looking for a way to make someone the laughing stock of the course? Take a look at these pants. Just don’t look too hard or long or your eyes will burn out of their sockets…

The Golden Putter: The Golden Putter is just that – a putter made out of gold. 24-carat gold, to be exact. If you happen to have $2,900 just lying around after picking up a pair of those swell Golf Club Rocking Chairs, feel free to pick up a Golden Putter for the golfers in your life who like their useless crap to be ridiculously expensive.

So there you have it, the top 10 worst golfin’ gifts. Steer clear of these sandtraps when you’re making your shopping list and have a Happy Holidays!

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