What’s The Best Putting Advice You have Ever Received?

How stuff works has a brilliant article on the Top 10 Putting Tips and they really supurb. Especially telling you to practice putting in the dark, or aiming for a spot just a few feet in front of you while putting for distance.

There were, however, a couple other great tips that this caveman has been given that were not listed in the article:

1) Before you even start practicing with the putter, take the ball and just roll it with your hand. This will allow your brain memory to visualize how the ball handles on the green, and how much force it takes move the ball the distance needed. Your brain is remarkable and will be able to translate this into an actual putt. You don’t have to go nuts, but practice until you are fairly accurate and have a good comfortable feel for it.

2) For the longer putts the best thing you can do is simply to relax. The longer putts are closer to a mini swing than a basic putt, so the traditional rules don’t really apply and can be taken with a grain of salt. Your body needs to be a part of the putt if the ball has any chance of makint to the whole. Relaxing, and relieving the tension from your body will allow you to feel looser and more free, giving you a better range of motion.

Statistically the pro’s generally only putt one stroke shorter than the average golfer, so practicing putting can help shave some significant strokes off from each round!

Now enjoy this great video of Jack Nicklaus’ 100ft putt*#:-D

What is the best putting advice you have ever heard?


2 thoughts on “What’s The Best Putting Advice You have Ever Received?

  • November 4, 2011 at 5:41 am

    a putt left short of the hole never goes in.

  • November 7, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    After taking your practice stroke(s) to get the feel for the speed allow your hands to totally relax. This reduces all the tension. Take your regular grip on the putter, set it on the correct line and go. No wrists, just the shoulders and arms triangle working together. (For those with a standard putting stroke)

    If putting on a windy day or on a very fast green slope, do this drill before addressing the ball. You will be grounding the putter to relax your hands.

    Just in case the ball wants to start rolling on its own…..


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