Another Meltdown For Rory McIlroy In Malaysia

Mixed news (but mainly bad) this weekend for Rory McIlroy… on one hand, his star’s still rising along with his World Golf Ranking, which jumped up two spots this week, but he also suffered another Sunday stumble by falling out of first and finishing third at the Maybank Malaysian Open. Combined with his Masters meltdown the week before, the 21-year-old has now failed to finish strong in back-to-back competitions.

After his awful afternoon on Sunday at Augusta, lots of golf fans (including this Caveman) were quick to come to Rory’s defense: “He’s young and has a lot of time to win a Green Jacket, and he’ll bounce right back” was the idea. And he was putting up some great numbers through Saturday in southeast Asia, but I watched with my own two eyes as he slowly slid back in the final round.

I still think he’ll get more than one win this year, maybe even at a big event, but I think his Masters collapse effected him more than most of us first thought. This Caveman’s keepin’ his fingers crossed and his eyes on young Mr. McIlroy – the future’s still bright, but once again we’re reminded that unlike the deals on golf gear here at RBG, playing great golf doesn’t come cheap.


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2 thoughts on “Another Meltdown For Rory McIlroy In Malaysia

  • April 20, 2011 at 8:38 am

    Golf is about feel if you play you should know your stricks and how you play your golf should play your short sticks about two hours a day.develop

    a smooth swing.timing is every think in golf. I start about 160 yards and work towards the green.Its lot of work but what you put in to it is what your going to get out of it.get in love with your short sticks and work with them. play the best golf ball.the peasure is feeling what you get from your work on your game. play games against your self.putting getting down on your knees and rolling the golf ball towards the hole. then useing your putter and getting the same feel.putting is all about feel.

  • April 21, 2011 at 12:31 am

    What meltdown? He got third place in a huge event in a strong field. This kid will learn to finish golf tournaments and when he does, look out. He dominated at Quail Hollow with ease. Rory will be around for a long time and his presence alone will breed a new type of golfer that is fearless. All you stuffy reporters relax and let the kid play some golf!


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