Will there ever be a PGA Lockout?

We are on week two of the NFL Lockout and the NFL owners gathered in New Orleans yesterday to discuss the situation.

There is a completely biased website called nfllockout.com which definitely takes the side of the players. While this website does give a few basic facts including a glossary of terms, it goes on to say that the lockout IS about owers taking more than just the game away from fans. It’s about inequitable leverage, wanting more from players without justified reasons or restitution. It’s about healthcare and it is about history. This Lockout is NOT about players wanting more, or about the unfair CBA in 2006, the percentage of all revenue by received by players. It is not about the owners’ risk or the players being unreasonable.

Personally, this caveman can see a little bit of both sides of this conundrum, but the players are being paid. Like actually paid to play a game they have loved since they were children. While I understand that the players have an issue with not receiving as big of a percentage of total revenue brought in, I have a problem with that argument. This caveman has never worked any job where I have seen nearly any percentage of money that the company brings in.

The health care issue is another one that bugs me. They do work in some potentially dangerous situations, but rarely life threatening. They also make plenty to cover any injuries that they could accrue throughout their career. I have to make sure that I am constantly saving just in case something regrettable happens. I also have to be saving for my retirement, and plan to make sure that I am taken care of, with health care as well as savings for when that day comes.

Will there ever be a PGA Lockout?

Golf is structured entirely differently. Players are paid individually based on how well they perform at each event. If they win, they get more. Because their paycheck is not guaranteed due to a contract, they don’t take it for granted. They have much more pride upon winning, and they are also able to budget better, and only spend what they have.

None of these golfers are even guaranteed a slot from year to year on the tour. If they do not perform well (or at all, as the case may be in a lockout), someone else can easily out shine them and take their spot.

This caveman’s last point is that golf is about self, and honoring your self. Yes, its frustrating when someone is beating you, but since there are no teams, the only person you can blame is yourself. You have to buckle up, suck up your pride and get to it.

What do you think Rock Heads?


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