How Much Did Your Golfin’ Set Up Cost?

Bad Burglar Lately, there has been an increase in the trend of folks thievin’ golf equipment. The latest example involved the removal of Callaway and Taylor Made club heads. And last year, these two blokes stole over $1.2 Million in golfin’ gear from a resort in the UK.

While Rock Bottom helps cut the costs, Golf isn’t a cheap game. Each club can cost a ton, and that’s not even mentioning all of the gadgets, like GPS or range finders that are probably attached to your bag.

Here are a few ideas to help protect your investment:

How often to do you meander for a second only to return to your bag and find someone moving it? Not only is this frustrating and infuriating, but also suspicious. Having your name on the bag, either embroidered or on a name tag, can help deter unwanted touching. The Pro Defender is a golf ball alarm that uses advanced motion sensing and radio technology to alert you when someone starts messing with your gear.

This caveman also recommends registering your clubs with their proper manufacturer. Most of them offer online product registration on their websites. If they are ever stolen, there is a good chance that this will aid in their recovery. I guarantee that any club purchased at the cave is 100% Authentic!

Also if you like the name idea, but want to do more than just place it on the bag and depending on how picky you are about your club’s precise weight, you could have your name etched into the back side of the each club face. Some places are willing to do this fairly inexpensively, and you do not necessarily have to go to a pro shop. Things Remembered might be able to do the trick!

So Rock Heads, How much did your golfin’ set up cost? And, what are you doing to protect your gear?


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One thought on “How Much Did Your Golfin’ Set Up Cost?

  • March 5, 2011 at 12:55 am

    Although I only spent around $150 dollars for my initial set of clubs and a bag, I have since slowly but surely upgraded my equipment to include a “name brand” driver and putter. Both of which individually cost more than my original investment. My golf friends and I are poor working people and as such play at the “cheaper” courses, but there has been a steady rise in the number of “missing clubs” happening at these facilities also.

    It is a shame, that regular people out to have a little fun and relaxation now also have to be concerned about someone borrowing their equipment, when they make a quick trip into the club house.


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