Is Golf The Best Addiction?

More and More this caveman has been reading articles about the benefits of golf. Personally, I knew there was a reason why I loved the game, but now I can add health, both mental and physical, to the list.

The most recent article was all about Scott Shephard.

Scott Shephard

Scott has spent the better part of his adult life addicted to Drugs and Alcohol. But golf has been able to “redefine {his} personality and inner nature” as a bridge to recovery. His battle with addiction began after a motorcycle accident claimed his arm when he was 18.

In a self reflective moment, Shephard said, “Am I swapping addictions, Yes, you might say that.”

His addiction for drugs and alcohol has been traded for golf, to the point where he falls asleep each night watching the golf channel or instructional video’s on Youtube. He spends 5 days a week practicing and helping out by picking up range balls at his local YMCA Par 3.

Golf has given him goals, purpose and something to be dedicated to. His current goal is to be the best senior unassisted amputee golfer in the United States. Which, for someone who has only been playing the sport for 14 months, may seem like a bit of a long shot, but he has faith that he can pull it off.

Golf can provide everyone with solace, as well as a way to keep their mind and body active. It provides an excellent source of exercise, especially for those who are willing to walk, and a great social outlet.

So in this caveman’s opinion, golf really is the best addiction. I wish Scott Shephard luck with his quest, and hope to be hearing his name again very soon.


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