Scratch’s Last Minute Golfin’ Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching, and by that I mean its this Sunday. You’ve got but four days to figure out what you are going to be if you haven’t already (even less if you are partaking in the shenanigans that generally take over the whole weekend). If you are a procrastinator like this caveman, and scrambling for last minute costume ideas, don’t fret. I may have a few ideas for you golfin’ aficionados. Some may be a bit controversial, or even get you some puzzled looks, but its all in good fun, not meant to offend anyone!

As a guy myself, its a bit easier for me to come up with male golfin’ costume ideas, so I will tackle those first:

Me: All you really need is a great caveman tunic, a Scottish golfin’; cap and a red beard! Me!

John Daly:
(the before and after) Grab your self some loudmouth apparel, and stuff one size as full as you can, then have a thinner other side. You could even hold a beer in one hand and a diet coke in the other.
John Daly
Cigar Guy: If you brandish this wig and excellent mustache, make sure you are in as many photos as possible! Cigar Guy
Rickie Fowler: Toss on a Beiber wig and some pink pants, and you are good to go! Rickie Fowler
Tiger Woods: Either as the golfin rockstar, or the maimed victim of spousal abuse, complete with a few bumps and bruises, and a make shift 3-iron wrapped around your head. Tiger Costume
Carl Spackler: Bill Murray’s character
from Caddyshack. If you had a willing friend to be a gopher, you could entertain peers by attempting to destroy each other ACME style all weekend.
Shooter McGavin: Just dawn a green Jacket, and a diabolical grin. Shooter

And now for the Gals:

Sexy Caddy It has been an observation that a short skirt, and some animal ears is generally the easiest route to go. But I implore you to come up with something a bit more creative this year.

If its gotta be sexy, Maybe a sexy caddy?

Perkins Waitress What about a Perkins waitress or Elin?
Anna Cladakis You could even Rock some Loudmouth gear yourself and go as Anna Cladakis.
Natalie Or Any of the excellent LPGA Tour members including Michelle wie, Lorena Ochoa and Natalie Guilbus. Choose your favorite!

Do you have any other golfin’ Costume ideas? No matter what you go as, be safe and have fun. Also, this caveman wants to hear about it! So let me know! And definitely send pictures if you’ve got ‘em!


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