Share Your Favorite Fall Golf Course!

Fall has taken over. The Tour has slowed down, but not this caveman. I am all about the aesthetics on the golf course during the season.

The moment my breath mixes with the crisp autumn air, creating a visually pleasing mist that flows out of my mouth and lights up in the early Sunday morning light, I get fired up to play the next 18 holes. As the day winds on, I get lost amongst the fall colors.

The leaves and the sky, whether its filled with a calming overcast of grey clouds, or a brilliant ice blue, makes me have to pause, whip out my camera and take a few pictures along the way. That’s right, just because I was born a caveman doesn’t mean I can’t change with the technology!

Here are a couple of shots from one of my favorite golf courses in New England (I didn’t take them, but I certainly appreciate the golfers who did!)

Point SebagoSunday River

So come on Rock Heads, I want to hear about, but more than that, I want to see your favorite course to play during the fall. You don’t have to lug around an HD camera, a cell phone shot will do! You can send them to me on twitter, post them on my facebook wall, or link me to them in my comments below!


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