How To Turn Some Tricksters Into Golfers

Golfin' TricksterHalloween is a great time to promote something excellent. No need to do your usual door to door campaigning. The mini-monsters come directly to your door, looking for candy and whatever wisdom you may have to share. But why should these little moochers get the candy for free? Just because they put on some ridiculous costume, or are you really afraid that they will “trick” your house. From my understanding, tricking something out is generally not a bad thing. Maybe if you don’t give out candy, you can get some sweet rims and a great lift.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t give out candy. I am just saying perhaps we should make the kids work for it this year. And maybe while doing so, we can give them an appreciation for golf. That is why I have devised my Trick-or-Treat Golf Challenge Game. Are you ready to hear my plan yet?

First, you are going to need a few supplies:

  • PumpkinScarrots
  • Knife (for carving not for stabbing children, and you can get away without one if you have really long fingernails or are extra efficient with a spoon)
  • A putting matt (or a well maintained lawn)
  • Golf Balls (You may only need one, but dusk may very well bring on some lost golf balls)
  • Putter (you can add other clubs in the mix too if you feel like making this even more difficult)
  • Oh, and candy, or some type of reward in different sizes. You can offer them Scarrots, but they may revolt.

Set up and Execution (Halloween pun?)

Carving With Scratch

  • First you are going to have to carve this pumpkin. Not in the typical scary Jack-O-Lantern, this is going to need to be more about function than form. Embellish as much as you would like, but make sure that the mouth is a fairly decent sized hole, and extends all the way down to the bottom. If you want to get even crazier with it, you can have a “chip” in whole on the top of his head, if not (you might want to carve this whole anyway, so you can place a light in there, but be warned Kids and hot candle wax are generally not a good mix).
  • Next, set up the putting range. For an extra challenge you can give the kids a few different foul lines to choose from. Each with their own candy sized prizes. Start with the biggest prize, the furthest back, and each closer line is a smaller prize. Tell the kids that they are allowed to choose which line they would like to attempt their putt from. If you want to offer more of a challenge, you can offer them a chipping club, and tell them they have to make it into the top of the “Golf-O-Lantern.”
  • Finally, make sure you explain the rules, to each child or accompanying adult as they approach the door. It may also be a good idea to wear protective gear. Angry costumed children yielding a metal stick may become dangerous when faced with the loss of candy. It may also be a good idea to offer a bowl of “consolation” tootsie rolls. I would say candy corn, but some parents may get a little bit iffy over unwrapped edibles being given to their offspring. The consolation bucket may prevent any sad or angry children who fail to make a putt.

If you are feeling generous, you can allow the little Hogans to come back and give it another go after they have visited a few other houses. But be warned, you may have created a putting addict who is running on a sugar buzz, and jonesin’ for that next piece. So be sure you have plenty to go around.

Another great idea would be to have a camera handy for a couple of reasons, memories of the festivities, and also potential evidence.

Have any other Halloween golf ideas? Let me Hear ‘em Rock Heads.


Bonus: People aren’t the only things dawning costumes this year! Some Golfers have fitted their golf carts as well! You can check out the Halloween golfin’ parade here.

P.S. I can’t take all of the credit for this idea. It was inspired by Alan Kirks How To Play Halloween Golf post on e-how. Thanks Alan!

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