Scratch's Fall Golf Buyin' Guide!

It’s the return of the fall season, and once again the Tour has slowed down, but not me! I love fall golf!  A few of my favorite golf courses are up in New England. Check out the post and let me know what you think! This year I am going to give a short little fall buyers guide from the Cave to help you get prepared for the cooler months and allow you to get the most of your autumn golf outings!

Fall Clothing

It can get chilly out there on the green, you’ll want to dress in layers. Outerwear such as the Callaway Wedge Weather Series Mock Pullover for men or the Nivo Plaid Windbreaker for the ladies will be a must have in order to stay warm and dry while out on the course! Keep your hands from freezing with the Ray Cook Winter Golf Gloves! You can also line your pockets with our reusable Heat Wave Hand Warmers. The more comfortable you are, the better you will play!

Fall Cart Accessories

For those especially brisk days, Check out some of the golf cart heaters we have stocked up at the cave, such as the Heater Craft Golf Cart Heater, and if you couple that with Formosa Golf Cart Enclosure you can raise the temperature inside the cart nearly 20 degrees warmer than the outside!

Fall Gear Proctection

Don’t forget to also protect your gear while you are out on the course. Rain and wind can pop up suddenly you’re out on the course. Upright Caddy Golf Bag Umbrella’s are a great way to shield your clubs from the elements. And remember to keep your clubs protected with golf head covers!

Fall Nifty Gear

Cold can also effect how your ball flies, King Golf Ball Warmer helps fix that problem by helping raising the balls internal temperature, allowing for 20 – 30% longer drives than balls kept chilled by the cool air.

Check here for these and more great fall buys at the Cave!

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