How Big Has Tiger’s Reign Been?

Tiger Woods is starting to let the #1 spot slip out of his hands. If Phil Mickelson doesn’t take it, somebody else definitely will. The recent events have made many fans dis-like the golfer, some even revel in the fact that Tiger could lose his spot.

Tiger Woods

Let this caveman remind you just how strong Tiger’s grip on the throne really was:

  • The Mark H McCormack Award is given to the golfer who has the most weeks at #1 at each year. The first award was given in 1998 to none other than Tiger Woods. And can you guess who has received the award every year since? That’s right, Tiger!
  • By the time he receive the award at the end of 2009, he had spent a record 592 weeks total in the #1 spot since the first time, June 15th, 1997. And with only 52 weeks in a year, that’s no small feat! Greg Norman was second with 331 weeks, just over half!
  • In the past decade, he has only lost the spot 3 times. The only other golfer to have a year ending in the #1 spot was Vijay Singh.
  • Tiger reached the top 10 within 33 weeks of turning pro and he has remained in the top 10 since then for 681 consecutive weeks. Both are records.
  • Tiger Is still currently on top, and has been for more than 250 consecutive weeks. He may have the opportunity to beat his own record.

Golf needs a new leader, but that person will have some big shoes to fill.

Tiger’s average points have been dropping fairly rapidly and his next scheduled appearance isn’t until the US Open. Phil Mickelson is now just a few good rounds shy of the title and is scheduled to appear in the next two tournaments. Phil has the opportunity to take the throne while Tiger is having his neck massaged.

What do you think Rock Heads? Will you be happy or sad to see someone new in the #1 spot? Who do you want to see in #1?


P.S. Tiger reigned over golf without the aid of performance enhancing drugs according to Hank Haney!

2 thoughts on “How Big Has Tiger’s Reign Been?

  • May 18, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    Just curious, in all the things I have read on here, it sounds like you guys don’t like Tiger too much, true or false?

    • May 18, 2010 at 5:43 pm

      Hey Fred!

      Well, you ask a big question there. Let me be the first to say that I LOVE what Tiger has done for the sport as far as bringing attention to it and will always respect his brilliant career as a golfer. And nothing would make me happier than to see him at the top of the leaderboard every week as we’re all used to seeing. But golfers (for the most part) are held to a higher standard of honesty then other sports stars are. That’s something I believe most golfers pride themselves on. And I think it’s fair to say that Tiger’s definitely stroking a triple bogey in the field of ethics right now. Granted that while most of his recent indiscretions took place in his personal life, it’s hard to ignore when he’s the face of golf and has been for quite awhile now.

      But before I get sidetracked, FALSE! I do like Tiger, even if it’s a little hard to respect him right now. And I want to see him back in the sport, healthy and happy, amazing me a little more on each hole he plays. But right now he’s at “Rock Bottom” (sorry…I had to) and at least in this Caveman’s opinion, he has a little bit of a climb before we can start shining that spotlight on him again. And ultimately I think that’s what this article was about. The end of an era. Let someone who has the respect of the golfing nation step into the #1 spot and be the new face of golf, because I think golf needs it. And I think Tiger needs the break. That way when Tiger returns, he’ll be clawing his way back up the rankings, gaining that respect one tourney at a time. And we’ll know that once he’s back at #1, he’s earned his way there.



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