Golf Trivia: Week 8 Winners, Correct Answers and More!

The 8th week of Caveman Golf Trivia has come to a close. Thank you all for playing! For those Rock Heads who are scorin’ at home, here are all the questions and their answers:

Champions Tour Golfer Jay Sigel never played on the PGA Tour, True or False?
Answer: True

Aside from on the Champions Tour, What other tour was Jay Sigel on?
Answer: US Amateur

Which State has the most golf courses?

Answer: Florida

How many people have won two Masters playoffs?
Answer: Just one, Nick Faldo

How many Years before the British Open was the first British Amateur Championship held?
Answer: 25 years

Which of these golfers did not matriculate from Wake Forest; Lanny Wadkins, Tom Lehman, Jay Haas, or Curtis Strange?
Answer: Tom Lehman

Which one of these golfers has never won 3 straight PGA Tour events; Jack Nicklaus, Billy Casper, Johnny Miller or Hubert Green?

Answer: Jack Nicklaus

How many British Opens has Harry Vardon won?
Answer: 6

What was Shigeki Maruyama’s score on the first qualifying round for the 2000 US Open?

Answer: 58

Which of these golfers HAS NOT been struck by lightening; Jerry Heard, Lee Trevino, Bobby Nichols or Bobby Clampett?

Answer: Bobby Clampett

Alex and Willie Both won the US Open, and their brother, MacDonald also had 24 career wins. what was their last name?

Answer: Smith

LLoyd won 36 times, including the 1946 US open, How many wins did his brother have?
Answer: Ray Mangrum won 5 times

J.C. Had 8 PGA Tour Wins, how many did his uncle have?

Answer: Sam Snead had 82 wins

Who was the second American golfer to Win the British Open?
Answer: Walter Hagen

How many times did Raymond Floyd compete in a US Open before actually winning the title?
Answer: He won the title on his 22nd attempt

How many more Masters has Jack Nicklaus won than Tiger Woods?
Answer: 2

How did Rock Bottom Golf start?
Answer: From Selling Used Golf Balls

What year was Rock Bottom Golf founded?
Answer: 2000

What is the most widely accepted country of origin for golf?
Answer: Scotland

Where is the world Golf Village and Hall of Fame located?
Answer: St. Augustine, Florida

At what age did Tiger Woods make his National Television debut?

Answer: 2

On Which Television show did Tiger Woods make his Debut appearance?
Answer: Mike Douglas Show

Tiger Woods made his PGA Tour debut in the Nissan Los Angeles Open. How old was he?
Answer: 16

Where did Tiger Woods attend college?
Answer: Stanford

Tiger Woods joined the PGA Tour at age 20, in 1996, and got his first title that year.What was it?
Answer: Las vegas invitational

Congrats to Jpalopoli(twitter) and Mike Matosziuk (Facebook) for winning the trivia contests this week. Remember you get 5 points for having the first correct answer, but can also gain points just by having the correct answer! Weekly winners receive $10 gift certificates to

If I haven’t heard from you yet, why not come & play with me and the rest of the Rock Heads this week? Questions are posted between 2 and 4 pm EST on both Facebook and Twitter. To keep things fair, you can only win once per contest per month. Week 8 will Start off the new month of March.

Also Mike Matoskiuk took this weeks High Score on my golfin’ game! Since he also won trivia he is going to receive a $25 Gift Certificate to the Cave! Congrats Mike!


PS: If you have any great golfin’ trivia that you would like to see asked, send it over my way, or feel free to try and stump this caveman.

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