PGA’s Top 100 Golfers To Watch In 2010

Just a few short days after the ball drops in Times Square, PGA Tour pros are back in business at the SBS Championship in Hawaii. Before the first foursome hits Tee #1 on Jan 4, the Caveman’s coverin’ the PGA’s Top 100 Golfers To Watch In 2010.PGA TOUR

Let’s cut right to the chase and run through the Top Ten. I’ve added a line or two from the PGA’s write up, but feel free to click the player’s name for the full feature over at

10: Jim Furyk: “The clock is ticking on his next win, expect it to be a big one. Furyk is far from finished but he won’t be at Kapalua.”
Regular Season Rank: 3 | Playoff Rank: 4 | Bonus Money: $1,500,000

9: Y.E. Yang: “Who would have believed it so far? Who knows what comes next. Y.E. Yang has an opportunity to be the most successful player from Asia to ever tee it up — if he is not already.”
Regular Season Rank: 21 | Playoff Rank: 23 | Bonus Money: $210,000

8: Lucas Glover: “New fame, same great guy. The best may still be yet to come. Lucas will still be the same Southern gentleman going forward no matter what he does in the future.”
Regular Season Rank: 20 | Playoff Rank: 17 | Bonus Money: $240,000

7: Sean O’Hair: “So good, so solid, the sky is the limit. He seems very comfortable in his role on the PGA TOUR. But he still can’t beat his caddy in Golden Tee.”
Regular Season Rank: 7 | Playoff Rank: 5 | Bonus Money: $1,000,000

6: Zach Johnson: “Perhaps it is time to start believing that the Tortoise can beat the hare. He just keeps doing it. I keep thinking that someone like Zach has a great chance at Pebble Beach in June.”
Regular Season Rank: 4 | Playoff Rank: 6 | Bonus Money: $800,000

5: Sergio Garcia: “The winds of change are blowing on the PGA TOUR. Will El Nino blow back or just blow? Expectations are a hard thing to live up to especially when they are so enormous.”
Regular Season Rank: 38 | Playoff Rank: 38 | Bonus Money: $137,000

4: Padraig Harrington: “This year he will reinvent the wheel and discover fire. He and Al Gore invented the Internet. You should see what they are working on for 2010.”
Regular Season Rank: 6 | Playoff Rank: 7 | Bonus Money: $700,000

3: Steve Stricker: “The little engine that could keeps going in 2010. Could be better now than he was early in his career.”
Regular Season Rank: 2 | Playoff Rank: 3 | Bonus Money: $2,000,000

2: Phil Mickleson: “He adds another major this year, mostly because they aren’t playing on in N.Y. No one played better at the end of the year than Lefty.”
Regular Season Rank: 14 | Playoff Rank: 2 | Bonus Money: $3,000,000

And you probably guessed it…

1: Tiger Woods: “Perhaps you have heard of him. He may be taking a leave of absence, but he isn’t going away. I promise.”
Regular Season Rank: 1 | Playoff Rank: 1 | Bonus Money: $10,000,000

Not too many surprises at the top, and only a few other names really stood out to this Caveman, but I gotta say I’ve got a good feeling about these fellas: Stuart Appleby (#100), Ricki Fowler (#90), and Rory McIlroy (#11).

What do YOU think Rock Heads? Anyone wanna go on record now with “The Next Big Thing?” or call a comeback for a familiar face? THIS is the place to do it!


PS: One glaring omission in my opinion is leavin’ John Daly off the list. I know he’s had some troubles but now he’s lookin’ lean and mean, let’s hope he puts up some great numbers on the greens!

3 thoughts on “PGA’s Top 100 Golfers To Watch In 2010

  • January 3, 2010 at 1:11 pm


  • January 3, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Hi Scratch

    Your on the money with Sean O’Hair and Rory McIlroy but I think you may see the rise of other young guns like Danny Lee and Ryo Ishikawa. Geoff Ogilvy will head a strong Aussie charge with Michael Sim to have a big debut year…man that guy is class.


  • January 4, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Just my opinion based on no personal knowledge. John Daly has become the PGA clown. He has a self-destructive mentality and keeps making the same bad decisions. He’s done! Eldrick will never be thought of in the same way; unmatched skill set but lacks ethics and personal integrity.

    ***Response from Scratch***
    While John Daly may be clownish in appearance with his bright colors and often times outlandish persona, this is what makes him fun to watch. Supposedly his self destructive mentality and bad decision making has subsided and we are set to see a new John Daly for 2010, one with goals. I am interested to see how it turns out. You are right, if he continues down his old path he will be done. But this caveman has faith.


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