PGA Tour Golfer Suspended For Drugs

Doug Barron, a 40-year-old veteran of the PGA Tour, has been suspended for a year for failing a drug test. Barron may not be well-known for his playing, but he’ll live forever as trivia now that he’s the first golfer ever to violate the PGA Tour’s drug policy. (The policy started in 2008; you can read more about the procedures they put in place here.)

So far not too much more is known about the situation. The Tour won’t disclose when Barron failed the test or what he tested positive for. Barron issued the usual athlete apology, and his claim that, “I did not intend to gain an unfair competitive advantage or enhance my performance while on tour,” sounds like a page out of a baseball player’s script.

With so little information, we’ll just have to wait to hear more details before we can really form an opinion, but this should at least silence the critics & conspiracy theorists regarding the PGA’s drug policy.

~Scratch the Caveman

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