Ghosts of the Golf Course, Pt. 2: World Edition

After writing my Ghosts Of The Golf Course blog yesterday I was too scared to get out to the range… maybe this Caveman’s not as tough as he looks! Well, they say you gotta face your fears to get passed ’em, so here we go with round two, covering haunted golf courses from around the world!

  • Old Course at St. Andrews – It only makes sense that one of the world’s oldest golf courses would be haunted, doesn’t it? Behind the 18th hole you’ll find Martyr’s Monument (click for picture), dedicated to five 16th-century Protestants who were burned at the stake on that spot. And for golfers that wouldn’t mind being haunted by a golf legend, at St. Andrews you’ll be near the area where Old Tom Morris fell to his death. While looking for a restroom at the New Club, he plunged down a flight of steps and succumbed to a fractured skull.
  • Victoria Golf Course – British Columbia, Canada, is one of the few places on Earth where you can ski, swim and golf all in the same day. But if you manage to make it out for 18 holes at this seaside track, your foursome might just become a fivesome by the 7th fairway. That’s because the ghost of Doris Gravlin has been known to appear, either as a human figure wearing white and shrouded in a mist, or as unexplainable blinking lights since her husband murdered her in 1936.
  • Church Stretton Golf Club – Keep a close eye on your golf ball when you play this 100-year-old course! Set in the picaresque South Shropshire Hills, England, golfers have seen their drives on #13 land in the fairway only to disappear without any human intervention. Ghost, gopher or groundskeeper – I’ll reserve my judgment until MY ball is the one taken, but you never know!
  • Mt Lawley Golf Club – Who would think there would be evil spirits near the hole in “Satan’s Elbow?” Golfers playing this course in Perth, Western Australia, noticed glowing orbs and felt uneasy as they finished their round. After some investigating, the story came out: in the 1930s a man died right where they had noticed the strange lights. Michael Oakleigh’s death was officially ruled a suicide by poisoning, but several sources cited contradictory evidence and speculated it was a murder most foul. When you consider that the modern-day golfers had no knowledge of the tragedy, it adds a whole new layer to the mystery…
  • Alright Rock Heads, that’s all this cowardly Caveman can stand! Have a safe & happy Halloween, and leave your responses in the comments below!


One thought on “Ghosts of the Golf Course, Pt. 2: World Edition

  • December 2, 2009 at 5:58 am

    The death at Mt Lawley Golf Course actually wasn’t officially ruled a suicide.


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