Tone Your Inner Thighs

I’ve shown you my favorite thigh exercises before, but lets looks at some exercise specifically for your inner thigh muscles(also known as the adductors).



Sumo SquatSumo Squat

Begin with your feet wider than shoulders width apart, toes pointed out, and knees over the toes (think of a sumo wrestling stance). Keep your back straight, chest out and abs tight throughout the move.

Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Don’t let your knees move past your toes. Focus on sitting down rather than bending your legs to avoid straining the knees. Keep your weight on your heels throughout the exercise while maintaining a straight posture.

Push off with your heels at the bottom of your move, squeezing your glutes and inner thighs until you are back in the starting position.

Perform breaths on each repetition inhaling on the way down while exhaling slowly on the way up. Proper breathing creates internal pressure in the stomach and chest, which helps to support your spine during the squat.

Feel free to add resistance to increase the challenge of the exercise. You can hold a barbell across your back, hold a dumbbell in both hands, or a dumbbell in each hand.



Side Lying Leg LiftSide Lying Leg Lift

Lie on one side with your head on your arm.

Now move your legs slightly in front so that you are in a banana shape. This helps with balance and protects the lower back.

Bend the top leg so that your foot is on the floor and your bottom leg is flat on the mat, and your foot is flexed.

Lift and lower the bottom leg a few inches off the ground.


Side LungeSide Lunge

Start standing with your feet together. Hold one dumbbell in each hand.

Keeping your left leg straight, step out to the side with your right leg and bend at your right knee.

Push off the right leg to return to start position.

Repeat on the left leg.


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