St. Andrews Old Course: Famous Golf Courses, Part 1

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Welcome to the first chapter of our famous golf course grand tour, a series that will take you to the most iconic golf courses that grace our little blue planet. Our first stop? None other than the legendary St. Andrews Old Course, nestled in the heart of Scotland. This isn’t just a golf course. It’s the “Home of Golf,” a title earned through centuries of shaping the sport we love. 1

In this article, we talk about the history, design and layout, notable tournaments, and visitor experience of the St Andrews golf course. Let’s start with a little history!

History Of St. Andrews Old Course

St. Andrews Old Course1 doesn’t just hold a chapter in the annals of golf history – it is the prologue, the body, and the epilogue. For over six centuries, the air here has been punctuated with the symphony of golf balls meeting clubs, making it the world’s most ancient golfing sanctuary. 

At St. Andrews Old Course, you do more than just participate in a sport. Each step you take is a step into the legacy left by golf’s greatest titans. 1

Design and Layout

The Old Course is a masterpiece of golf architecture, a canvas that offers both a challenge and a unique symphony of experiences. Stretching over 6721 yards and boasting a par of 72, the course is a labyrinth of unique features. From the double greens to the infamous “Hell Bunker” on the 14th, and the notorious “Road Hole” on the 17th1, every round is a new adventure, especially when the capricious Scottish wind decides to join the game.1

Check out every hole on St. Andrews Old Course in this video

Notable Tournaments

The Old Course and The Open Championship share a bond that has stood the test of time, with the course hosting the tournament more times than any other venue1. It has been the theatre for countless unforgettable moments, including Jack Nicklaus’ triumphant victories and his poignant farewell in 20051. These moments are threads in the rich tapestry of golf history woven at St. Andrews.

Visitor Experience

More than just golf, St. Andrews is a haven for golfers, taking them back to where it all started. The people, the course, and the town unite to create a golfer’s ultimate getaway. The coolest part? Anyone can come and walk in the same footsteps as the greats before enjoying a refreshing beverage at a nearby pub1. It’s not just the golf; it’s the complete immersion in the whole affair.


In conclusion, St. Andrews Old Course is more than just a golf course; it’s a pilgrimage for any golf enthusiast1. Every hole whispers a story, every shot presents a challenge, and every round is a stroll through golf history. It’s a journey worth embarking on.

Until then, keep loving the game as we explore the world’s most iconic golf courses. Join us for our next installment as we continue practicing and perfecting.

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  1. St. Andrews Links

Feature Image by Semevent from Pixabay

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