Scratch's Best Golf Videos Of 2013!



Well, the year is almost over so I thought it’s a great time to tell you all my favorite golf video of the year. In no specific order:





Even though Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship this year, what we’ll really remember is the invention of Dufnering! Over the year, we saw everyone get into the craze from Bubba Watson to the Duck Dynasty guys!



Phil’s Great Year!


Just one month after coming up short yet again at the U.S. Open, Mickleson stunned everyone by winning his first Open Championship and fifth major overall.



Phil’s Great Year Part 2!


Phil did have great year on the course, but he also gave us two of our favorite videos of the year: his impromptu chipping lesson and falling on his butt. Sorry Phil, we laugh because we love!




Come On Aussie!


Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the Masters with a dramatic shootout against Angel Cabrera!



Brands Get Creative!


Finally, 2013 had some of the best ads we’ve seen in years. Check out Nike’s Tiger vs. Rory ad, the Tiger and Arnie rumble, and the mother of all budget ads below!




Did I miss anything Rockheads? Let me know in the comments and have a Happy New Year!

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