Scratch's Favorite Golf Exercises Videos

Exercise is now an essential part of playing well. A good player needs strength, flexibility, and balance to play to the best of their ability. It’s not only about the gear in the bag. I’ve posted on golf exercises before; check out my Essential Exercises for the Golf Part 1 and Essential Exercises for the Golf Part 2. YouTube trainers have taken it a step further with easy to follow exercise videos. Check out some of my favorites below and at the Rock Bottom Golf YouTube Page!


Off Campus 2011: Staying Fit at OSU

This video from Golf Week Magazine highlights the exercise routine of NCAA Men’s Championship players at OSU.

State College Fitness Expert:Top 10 Golf Readiness Exercises

This older video focuses on increasing core stability resulting in better swing mechanics.

20 Minute Golf Workout

The best thing about this video is its length. Long enough to get results, but short enough you can fit it into your day easily.

Golf Fitness & Performance: Golfers Power Up with Dumbbells

Generally, using dumbbells or body weight exercises are safer than weight machines. Check out this trainer’s other videos for more golf exercises!

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