What To Wear At The Course When It's Hot

It’s heatin’ up out there. while that’s great for the beach, hot and humid weather can make playing a round of golf challenging. How do you adhere to the dress code and not melt? Not to worry Rock Heads, Scratch is here to help! There are lots of sartorial options for both men and ladies. Check out these tips then head to the Cave to stock up on discount golf apparel!

While you may want a t-shirt, most courses have dress codes, so a collar is a must. Look for short sleeve polo shirts, but take notice of the material. You may want to wear a comfy cotton shirt, but cotton gets heavy with sweat and then sticks. Look for either a synthetic, a synthetic blend, or a cotton shirt than is specifically labeled as “moisture-wicking.” The means the yarn has been treated to absorb less sweat and dry quicker.

Pants and Underthings
Shorts are wonderful during the summer but not all course allow them. Call ahead or check the course website if you’re unsure of the dress code. If you have to wear pants, select a pair that uses synthetic material to draw sweat away from the skin. Look for golf pants that are articulated at the knees to prevent bunching when you sweat. Choose underwear made of moisture-wicking fabric or breathable wool to keep everything down there dry and cool.

Skirts and Skorts
Women are lucky in this regard. Even if shorts aren’t allowed on a course, skirts and skorts are always an option. They’re much cooler than pants as they promote better air flow. Light-color, synthetic skirts will keep you cool on a hot day. If you don’t feel confidence swinging a club in a skirt, opt for a skort. A skort looks like a skirt on the outside, but has shorts underneath. As with golf pants, select pieces that are labeled as “moisture-wicking.”

Always wear a hat to protect yourself from UV exposure. A burnt scalp is not a good look, trust me. Wide-brimmed hats are a good choice as they provide more protection for your face. Like other golf apparel, hats also come with moisture-wicking capabilities. Some also come with sweat band inside the hat.

Try to wear light colored clothes. Not only is it season appropriate, but light colored colors absorb and hold less heat, keeping you cooler. Don’t know what to wear? Try this look: Wear both a white shirt and pants/skirt. Jazz this up with colored golf shoes and a belt that matches the shoes. It’s an easy look that is sure to get compliments.

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