Will The Golfin’ #1 Change After The PGA Championship?

We have three golfers right now, who should be fighting for the number #1 spot. Tiger Woods should trying to hold onto the crown, while both Phil Mickelson and Lee Westwood should both be trying and able to lob a grenade into the hole on the 18th and knock him right off of his hill.
This past weekend’s World Golf Championship at Firestone, however, literally set these golfers a-flame, and not in the awesome Sega-Genesis “NBA Jams” way , but in the “they are all going to melt like T-1000” because they are playing so poorly kind of way.

First of all let’s go with Tiger Woods: He has been victorious at 7 of his last 10 Firestone appearances, so this caveman was expecting at least half way decent play if not, his turn around victory. But boy was I proven wrong. Tiger shot a 77 on the final round Sunday, pushing him to a 298… 18 strokes over par, and 30, that’s right 30 bloody strokes behind Hunter Mahan. Tigers Worst Performance, ever, since he turned pro.

Next Up, World’s #2, lefty, Phil Mickelson: He needed to finish 4th in order to capture golfin’ crown. And how does he fair? Well, let’s just say Tiger beat him.

And Then There’s Lee: He has made quite the effort to climb the ranks to #3, and was within range of the grasping the title, impressive considering he has never won a Major. After Fridays Second round, Westwood withdrew, but not just from this weekends tournament but also from the PGA Championship?

So what should we expect in the upcoming PGA Championship this weekend? This Caveman has no idea. What do you think?

Who Will Be The World’s #1 After the Players Championship?
Tiger Woods will Still be On Top!
Phil Mickelson Will South Paw His Way Up!
Lee Westwood Will Decide To Play and Take Over!
Some Random Bloke Will Do Amazing and Shatter ALL Records Forcing Us To Give Him The Title

Also will Westwood ever win a Major?


PS I didn’t mean for this rant to take any light off from Hunter Mahan! Congrats on taking the Firestone Invitational! 12 under is no small feat!

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