Ben Crane Finds Replacement Caddie On Twitter

Ever want to caddie for a pro? Well one lucky fan got to this week. Ben Crane decided to give his usual caddie the day off Wednesday at the HP Byron Nelson Championship Pro-Am in Texas. Where did he go for a replacement? Why, to Twitter of course! And it seems like it worked quite well!

Ben Crane is no stranger to the Interwebs. He’s teamed up with three other pro golfers, to form the “Golf Boys,” a parody rap group with a pair of YouTube hits. Remember those?

Crane challenged his 100,000 followers on Tuesday in a series of tweets

He immediately got some pretty straight forward responses and, this being the Internet, some weird ones as well:

But one fan had a pretty strong case for winning:

Crane thanked everyone for their submissions:


And Mr. Crane was good on his word. On Wednesday, he tweeted out a picture of himself and and his new caddie:


If you could caddie for anyone Rock Heads, who would it be? Let me know in the comments below!

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