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Previous Champions
Our Favorite Image From The Masters So Far!

Anyone and everyone has an opinion about how this year’s first Major will go down. Everywhere you look online, you’ll find in depth analysis of players’ chances, history of Augusta, grounds keeping details, and more! Luckily your favorite caveman has rounded up the articles you must read before tee-off Thursday.



Masters Menu
The Concessions Menu from Ashley Mayo, associate editor at Golf Digest.

Gary Van Sickel thinks Tiger will win.

Alex Miceli lists the odds and also picks Tiger.

Golf Digest held a mock draft and surprise, surprise…Tiger was the first pick.

Geoff Shackelford says that long hitters have the advantage at Augusta.

For those looking for more variety, Sean Martin picks sleepers who could take the trophy.


Tuesday And Wednesday Action

Bubba Watson got a hole-in-one on No. 16 during a practice round.

Did you know that no golfer has ever won the Masters and the Par 3 Contest in the same year?

Watch some great practice round footage!


Masters History

Top 25 Recent Masters Moments

Cattle, Turkeys, and POWs – the history of Augusta during WWII



Bubba reveals his Championship Dinner Menu and it’s …uninspiring.

Ernie Ball, sole survivor of the first Masters in 1934, is 102.

Want to know how Augusta changed over the years? Check out this detailed info graph and this interactive article from Business Week!

Ever wonder how Arnold Palmer orders an Arnold Palmer? Well, now you know!

Billy Payne announces changes to cuts and qualifying for the Masters.



Masters Inforgraph
Masters Infograph from American Golf

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