Free Alternatives To The Gym!

Bored At The Gym

Lookin’ to stretch that buck a little farther? I already find you the best “rock bottom” prices on fitness gear, so this deal seekin’ caveman is takin’ it farther and finding you budget conscious ways to get your sweat on. Here are the Caveman’s top FREE alternatives to the gym!

High School Track

1. Local Track – Your local high school or college track is a great place to workout. Give them a call to see when they’re open to the public first(I’m not advocating breaking and entering here). Then you’ll be able to use the track, the field, and even those steep bleacher seats for an endless variety of exercises.

Trail Running

2. The Park – Check out the hiking trails at your local city or state park. You’ll get a good workout walking, running, or biking in the gorgeous scenery. Plus some parks let you bring your pooch! Check Every Trail to find a good hiking path near you!

Runners On The Beach

3. Hit The Beach – If you live near the coast, there are lots of ways to stay fit at the beach. Go for a jog(the sand will make it an exciting challenge), go for a swim, walk or bike the boardwalk, or even sea kayak!

Exercise Video

4. Check The Web – There are lots of exercise routines and videos all over the web that’ll get you sweating at home. Check out my favorite YouTube videos here and go to for even more!

Adult Softball

5. Join A Sports Rec League – Now is the time to grab your mitt and head out! Check out your local softball league for some fun and exercise. It’s a great way to meet new people and have a good time while you get a good workout!

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