Scratch’s Favorite YouTube Workouts!

If you’re on the road or just don’t feel like paying for an expensive gym membership, you can still get new, exciting workouts! Just turn to the internet. Not only are there great fitness sites and blogs (*ahem*) out there, but YouTube can also become an invaluable source of information. So here’s a few of my favorite videos that will get you sweating!





BodyRock.TV is perfect if you don’t have much time but want an intense workout. They use very basic equipment, shoot in high quality video, and are good at explaining the exercises. The cardio and (mostly) bodyweight circuit workouts are easily adapted to any skill level.





Scott Herman’s YouTube channel is seriously popular and it’s easy to see why. Herman offers some seriously hardcore strength workouts perfect for the guy looking to get bigger. His videos and moves have even been featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness!




If you crave fun fitness classes like Zumba but can’t afford the gym fees, Jenny Ford posts free, full-length cardio videos filmed and delivered with a professional flare. was named YouTube’s #1 health and fitness channel for a reason. With thousands of videos covering everything from healthy eating to body image to free workouts, it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

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