Golf And Booze: A Funny Retrospective

I’m going to wrap up my series on booze with a look at the partnership of alcohol and golf. Beer was invented sometime the sixth millennium B.C., a long time even by this caveman’s standards.  Golf has been around since about the twelfth century. It probably would have been invented sooner if we hadn’t been drinking for seven thousand years. Too many other things to get in the way, like eating and running from Wooly Mammoths. Once the world got around to having time for recreation, it was only natural that playing golf and drinking beer would get together.  Both activities are enjoyable, can occur out of doors, and when combined are less likely to be fatal than, say, beer drinking and anything involving gunfire or swords. With beer and golf, came the beer cart and the cart girl. Just what the cave doc ordered!

Here in the States, a round of golf means four hours on the course and a couple of beers. I know that in other countries, golf is less a leisure activity and more of a serious sport. That means no mixing golf and alcohol. But here, many use golf as a way to wind down from their week and that means having a drink while playing.

So in the spirit of the holiday and with the Masters fast approaching, here are this caveman’s favorite boozy golf videos and pics from across the web!

1974 Players Championship
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The PGA apparently had a pretty relaxed attitude back in 1974.


Ball in a can
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Would you play this lie?


John Daly tees it off a beer can. Why? Because he’s John Daly that’s why.


Hitting a ball off a guy’s butt always seems like a good idea when drunk. Warning – you do see a butt!


This is officially the worst idea ever in the history of ideas.


And finally, the piece de resistance: the ultimate drunk golfing fail. Warning there is some language that’s not safe for work. So don’t watch it at work with your speaker up. Unless your boss is cool with that.


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