PGA Championship of Australia Moved Due To Dinosaurs

We’ve reported before on the dispute between Clive Palmer, owner of Palmer Coolum Resort, and the PGA of Australia. The dispute over Palmer’s decision to build 150 replica dinosaurs that MOVE AND ROAR has been fun to follow. It appears to have reached a head.

On Monday, AP reported that the PGA of Australia will move the location of its PGA Championship from where it has been held since 2000. The new venue has not been announced.

PGA of Australia chief executive Brian Thorburn said that the decision was made due to a “lack of flexibility of dates … and signage matters”. We here at the Rock have never heard of calling dinosaur replicas “signage matters”.

This decision really has been coming since Palmer first placed a 26-foot mechanical T-Rex, nicknamed “Jeff”, between the ninth green and 10th tee. The internet quickly picked up on this and headlines and jokes abounded. Last year during the championship, Palmer agreed to turn off the movement sensors so Jeff didn’t flip his tail or open his mouth to roar.

This is the correct PR decision, but part of me is a little sad. The Championship will have to deliver an exciting competition to make up for the lack of dinos.

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