The Caveman’s Guide: Couch to 5k

Quick question Rockheads, have you ever started a new exercise program only to get too winded, miserable, and give up? You need to ease into a program, not jump in feet first (pun intended). If you’re lookin’ for a runnin’ program or just lookin’ to get fit, I’ve got the program for you.

The Couch-to-5k Program will “transform you from couch potato to runner” in just two months. This program is built on the basic idea of gradually increasin’ the amount of joggin’ versus walkin’. The program will safely have you runnin’ 3 miles in eight weeks.

It’s important that you don’t run ever day. You run three times a week with a rest day between. Each workout session should only take 20 to 30 minutes, easy to fit into any schedule. This is also the same amount of exercise a week recommended by doctors. Those rest days are important; don’t forget about them! They are necessary, especially for those who aren’t fit, because they give your body time to recover and heal. If you don’t do this, you increase your chance of injury.

As with any new exercise program, please consult your physician before beginnin’. Bring your doctor information on the plan so he can thoroughly access if you can safely perform the exercise. Something as simple as being overweight could cause serious problems.

There are many apps and podcasts available to help you. Just search on the Apple or Android App Stores.

You can also make your own couch to 5k music playlist. This site gives you the instructions.

There are even variations like:

Couch to 5k Treadmill

Pooch to 5k – Train your dog to run the 5k with you

0 to 1650 – The swimming version

Check out these websites for more information!

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