Scratch’s Sweepstakes and Trivia Winners!

My July Sweepstakes has closed out, and the Winners have been chosen! Congratulations to:

  1. Ben Griffin
  2. Mike Prott
  3. and William Daniel

They will recieve a Bushnell Neo Gps Unit, 4 Dozen caveman balls and a Scratch T-Shirt, respectively!

Congrats again guys!

Week 5 of Scratch’s New Golf Trivia has come to an end. Here is a quick refresh of the New rules! Instead of 5 questions a day like it was before, I will only do 1 question per day for a total of 5 questions throughout the week (last week only had 4 because of the holiday). The first person to answer the question correctly will get 3pts, but you can earn a point for every correct answers you post (limit 1 per question).

Here’s last weeks questions:

Which Open is the Greenbrier Classic replacing this year on the PGA Tour?

Buick Open

Who is the current Greenbrier Classic Champion?

No one, this 2010 is its first year

Who designed the Old White Course, where the Greenbrier Classic will be held?
Charles Blair MacDonald

What was the original theater release date for “Caddyshack?”
July 25th, 1980

What was Jack Nicklaus’ Longest Back to Back Winning Streak?
3 wins

Congrats to Bruce Callen, who scored the most points last week on Facebook, and to Kingsummers2 on Twitter. Also congrats to Colton Schacher for getting the high score on My Golfin’ Game. All three will receive $10 in caveman cash!


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