Golf Trivia: Week 7 Winners, Correct Answers and More!

The 7th week of Caveman Golf Trivia has come to a close. Thank you all for playing! For those Rock Heads who are scorin’ at home, here are all the questions and their answers:

When was the first time the Galleries were Kept off the fairways and behind ropes?
Answer: 1954 US Open

What is the nickname for the 3 hole stretch running from the 11th-13th holes at the Augusta National?
Answer: Amen Corner

Where was the first PGA Championship held and when?
Siwonay Country Club in 1916

Who holds the record for winning the most PGA Championships in a row?

Answer:Siwonay Country Club, 1916

Who holds the record for winning the most PGA Championships in a row?
Answer: Walter Hagem

Who was the first golfer to shoot under 70 in all four rounds of the US Open?
Answer: Lee Trevino, 1968

Which one of these golfers doesnt belong in this set and why; Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Raymond Floyed or Lee Trevino?
Answer: Lee Trevino Never won the masters.

What is the common link in this list: Prestwick(1860), Newport(1895), Siwanoy (1916) and Augusta (1934)
Answer: The clubs and years that each of the Majors were held

What is the common link in this list: Oakmont (1962), Baltrusol (1967), Pebble Beach (1972), and Baltrusol (1980)

Answer: Courses and Years Jack Nicklaus won the US OPEN

What is the common link in this list: Jerry Pate, Nick Price, Doug Weaver, and Mark Wiebe?

Answer: Each Golfer Hit Aces on the 6th hole in the same round at the 1989 US Open

What is the common link in this list: Tom Wargo, Larry Mowry, Simon Hobday, Larry Laoretti, and Jim Albus
Answer: All have won Majors on the Champions Tour, but didn’t win during the PGA Tour

Who was the First African-American Golfer to play in The Masters?

Answer: Lee Elder

In the 19th Century, What type of wood were most golf shafts made of?

Answer: Hickory

Name 2 of the 3 golfers who have competed in over 30 CONSECUTIVE US Opens.
Answer: Palmer And Nicklaus

What is Ben Hogan’s real name?
Answer: William Benjamin Hogan

Who played Ben Hogan in “Follow the Sun”?
Answer: Glen Ford

Who was on track to win be the first amateur to win The Masters when he ruined it by shooting a closing 80, losing him the ’56 tournament?
Answer: Ken Venturi

Who is the youngest golfer to win the US Open?
Answer: John McDermott

If Tommy Aaron is first on the alphabetical list of players who have ever won a major, who’s last?

Answer: Fuzzy Zoeller

Who finished second behind Tiger Woods at the 100th US OPEN, and by how many strokes?
Answer: Ernie Els and Miguel Jimenez, were both +3 and 15 strokes back.

Which golfin’ great invented in the sand wedge in 1932?
Answer: Gene Sarazen

Who is the was the oldest winner of the PGA Championship?

Answer:Julius Boros

How many PGA Chanpionships did Bobby Jones win?
Answer: 0 he never played it

Who are the only Brothers to win the PGA?
Answer: Lionel and Jay Hebert

Who was the first person to use the term “Amen Corner”?
Answer: Herbert Warren Wind

What are the odds against an amateur golfer recording a single hole-in-one?

Answer: 1-12,500

Congrats to chuckles1974(twitter) and Joe Grezlik(Facebook) for winning the trivia contests this week. Adarsh Vakharia Scored the Most points, but since he won last week was ineligible until next month, but Keep up the good Work Adarsh! Remember you get 5 points for having the first correct answer, but can also gain points just by having the correct answer! Weekly winners receive $10 gift certificates to

If I haven’t heard from you yet, why not come & play with me and the rest of the Rock Heads this week? Questions are posted between 2 and 4 pm EST on both Facebook and Twitter. To keep things fair, you can only win once per contest per month. Week 8 will Start off the new month of March.

Also Michael Walton took this weeks High Score on my golfin’ game! Also Earning her a $10 Gift Certificate to the Cave!


PS: If you have any great golfin’ trivia that you would like to see asked, send it over my way, or feel free to try and stump this caveman.

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