John Daly, Media Mogul?

John Daly had some ups and downs this year, but 2009 is ending on a high note for the man formerly known as Big John.

In fact, Daly’s on the brink of becoming a multimedia mogul. Besides some new endorsements and his soon-to-drop country music album, John is talking about returning to the ranks of published author by writing a follow-up to his best-selling book, My Life In & Out Of The Rough. If the new book sells well, you can expect a feature film to capitalize on the success.

It’s true his career and comeback might make a good flick, but who would be the star? Daly’s thought about who he’d like to see play himself, both pre- and post-weight loss. “I just saw Matt Damon, how he swung a golf club, and I thought if I ever made a movie I want him to be me,” Daly said. “The tough part is who would play me at 290 pounds. Now Kevin James, he’s my bud but he’d be good.”

When you think about it, Damon does have golf-movie experience, but I just can’t see the squeaky-clean star suckin’ down cigarettes & diet soda like Daly does. This Caveman’s no casting agent, but how about someone with a bit more “character” like Billy Bob Thornton?

There’s also one more bit of casting controversy: “Who is going to play all the ex-wives?” asked Daly, half-joking. He’s got four of ’em!


PS: Do YOU have any suggestions for stars to include in John Daly’s movie? And how about his fellow golfers – should Tiger, Phil & and the rest play themselves or get an all-star Hollywood makeover? Lemme hear ‘em Rockheads!

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3 thoughts on “John Daly, Media Mogul?

  • December 9, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    John Daly: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
    Tiger: That guy from “Drumline”
    Phil: Scott Caan

  • December 9, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    Love John Daly. Probably one of my fav golfers besides Tiger, Goosen and the new McIlroy. Personally he is always going to have up and downs because John Daly just do not give a shit about what people think which is what i think is great. I would like to see him this year with all of his weight loss and to see if that is going to effect him or not. Remember Duval and his huge fitness thing? Now he gained all that weight back and is playing better and had a really good season this past year. I hope for the best and i hope he starts to win again because that would be great. The movie aspect the Kevin James, that would be classic and i think hes a good enough actor for when Daly was big, but the thing is no one can swing like Johnny lol. The Billy Bob Thorton when hes skinny is a good thing too because i think Damon is too much of a pretty boy for that part and cant JD. For the pro golfers in the movie, well i do not think Tiger would be in a movie and especially if Phil is in it. Personally i think Phil would have a few parts in it because he was in one of the greatest golf movies and that was “Tin Cup”. So he kind of has that stardom and since hes becoming more out going i think Phil would do it, but Tiger never would. Someone to take Tiger’s spot would prolly be Will Smith. Hes the closest thing to looking like him and he plays golf too which helps. With the other golfers i don’t know what would really happen and that would be tough to try and fill in those spots if they did not play.

    Taken From gogolfspace

  • December 10, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Love the idea, someone how, some way, cast me!!! or Scratch!

    ***Response From Scratch***
    I definite agree. We should at least get cameos. We are both attractive people, have a good presence!!


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