Surviving Slow Play

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, which usually makes for a crowded golf course if your area catches some nice weather during the weekend. Trouble is, all that waiting between shots can actually hurt your game if your muscles cool down or start to stiffen. Even worse, these conditions can also increase the chance of an injury that can keep you off the course.

Staying loose takes only a little effort and can keep you and your golf game in better shape during a long, slow round. Perform one or two stretches from your existing warm-up routine on every other tee box while you’re waiting and you should be ok. If you need some ideas, the Mayo Clinic has a great illustrated guide of golf stretches.

If you enjoy the occasional cigar, a slow round gives you ample time to savor a stogie. As long as you practice common courtesy towards your fellow golfers, smoking a cigar during your round can really enhance the experience. A cigar holder or “minder” will help frequent smokers avoid pesticides and other nastiness (sand, dirt, fertilizer) that your cigar can encounter if you set it on the ground.

What do YOU do to pass the time when play is slow? Let me and the rest of the Rock Heads know in the comments below!


PS: Hopefully your slowest round isn’t as painful as Albert Saputra’s. The 17-year-old was waiting to tee off during a junior golf tourney in Indonesia when he felt something burning on his back. His partners noticed blood on his shirt, and doctors found a bullet just below his lungs. Turns out the course was adjacent to a military shooting range and soldiers were participating in exercises that day! Originally reported by the Telegraph.

3 thoughts on “Surviving Slow Play

  • May 22, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    If it’s really backed up, a buddy of mine will propose a putting challenge on the tee. Drop you ball in line with one of the tee markers, and using the club you are going to tee off with, try to be the first to hit the other tee marker with your ball. (watch for ricochet!) Then get back to the other tee marker where you lined up. Stupid? Yes. Fun? Can be. Pass the time? You bet.

  • May 24, 2009 at 1:34 am

    If its slow enough, I pull out my balls of yarn and knitting needles and knit me some new covers for the driver and fairways. If it is super slow I’ll even knit myself a matching golf shirt and skull cap.


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