The Ultimate Ladies Fitness Gift Guide!

Yoga Mom


Hey there, Rockheads! If you’ve got a lady athlete in your life, Scratch has got you covered gift wise these holidays. Let’s take a look at some of the great fitness gifts you can give yer gal that are sure to please any health and exercise-minded momma!

    1) Kettle Bells
    As I wrote before, kettle bell training is a great way to develop your strength and boost your overall tone. It’s also an extremely popular exercise for the ladies. If she’s is a fan of kettle bell trainin’ or if she’s lookin’ for a new way to get moving, then kettle bells would make a perfect  gift.
    2) Yoga Accessories 

    Modern life is stressful. Sometimes even the best prepared lady needs to have a little relaxin’ time for herself. With that in mind, yoga accessories make great gifts! Yoga is a perfect way to relax and calm your mind and body. Gettin’ yer lady a nice yoga mat or a coupon for some yoga classes is a great way that you appreciate her.

    3) Exercise Shoes

    Even this caveman’s smart enough to know that most women appreciate a good pair of shoes. Say your woman ain’t exactly a sucker for a stiletto and would appreciate some footwear she’ll actually get some use out of. For the woman on the go, try makin’ a gift out of a pair of great athletic shoes!

    4) Monitors and Pedometers

    If your lady is a fitness fan, gettin’ her a pedometer or a monitor is a great way to help her stay on top of her fitness goals. Also, pedometers aren’t exactly something that a lot of runners or walkers think about buying for themselves. This unique gift is a great way to treat the fitness fanatic female in your life.

    5) Sports Watch

    If she’s serious about fitness, she’ll want to track your progress. A good fitness tracker will record laps, splits, and pace. Some even have GPS and heart rate monitors for extra info!


So there ya have it, Scratch’s very own gift guide for the fitness lady in your life. Got your own suggestions for gift givin’? Leave it in the comment section!


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