A Closer Look At The Mizuno MP-64 Irons

Mizuno might not be the biggest or flashiest name in the business, but they’ve developed a cult following for their products. For years, they’ve been known as developing the best irons for the best players though recently they’ve expanded their line to include clubs for players of all skills. The new MP-64 Irons harkens back to earlier clubs. Mizuno has moved ahead by looking back. The MP-64 Irons are great, but they are defiantly for the better player. Mizuno recommends them for players who have handicaps between +2 and 10. If that sounds like you, read on!

First thing you’ll notice about these clubs are their looks. They’re gorgeous! The shiny chrome and satin face are understated but so classy you’re sure to get complements. If you aren’t a fan of modern graphics, don’t worry. The only markings are on the back of the club: “Mizuno” appears along the top, inside the cavity “MP-64” is in the lower right and the Mizuno logo (Run-Bird) is raised in the lower left. The only other markings on the club are the iron’s number on the sole and the words “Grain Flow Forged” on the hosel. The satin face frames the ball well and actually helps with alignment. The clubs do have a slight cavity back design, but none of the cavity is visible at address, even in the long irons. While the longer irons feature a touch more offset than the scoring irons, that offset is still practically none.

There’s not a lot of new technology is the new MP-64 irons. That’s not to say that they’re not an improvement over older irons. The new design bring back technology from previous Mizuno sets with an increased focus on feel. Once again, Mizuno used its Harmonic Impact Technology(HIT) to optimize the sound and feel at impact. They used HIT to fine tune the vibration frequencies at impact. Mizuno also constructed the clubs out of premium materials – 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel and their patented Grain Flow Forging process. When hit correctly, it doesn’t feel like anything. It’s like butter.

Not only has Mizuno focused on feel, but they’ve given much thought to control. The MP-64 irons are constructed with a diamond muscle design; Mizuno calls it the Diamond Muscle Pad in the cavity of the club. This design allowed them to position a lot of the club weight directly behind the sweet spot for increase feel. The remaining weight was moved toward the heel and toe to increase forgiveness. The clubs also have a progressive flow throughout the set with regards to the depth of the cavity. The longer irons have a deeper cavity that then mid or short irons. Mizuno has design a club with the feel and control of a blade but added a bit of forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter how a club looks if it doesn’t play well. These don’t just play well, they exceed expectations. When struck in the center, these clubs feel amazing – it’s almost like nothing at all. If you have a mishit, though, you’ll know it. The clubs have a compact head size, so there’s little room for error. This is why Mizuno recommends the MP-64 for the best players. At that level, you’re going to be consistent in your ball striking. You shouldn’t need a game improvement club to cover for you on bad shots.

Mizuno has really brought it home with these clubs. Since their recent introduction, they’ve been racking up the accolades. They’ve won Editor’s Choice form Golfwrx and Gold in Golf Digest’s 2013 Hot List as the Category Leader in Look/Feel/Sound. If you’re a low-handicap player, you owe it to yourself to check out the new Mizuno MP-64 irons. The best part about these clubs? We have them at Rock Bottom Golf! Check them out here!

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