The Caveman's Essential Exercise Equipment: Balance Disc

If you’re looking to take your workouts up a notch, try adding a balance disc. This is an amazing small piece of equipment that will make you work so much harder!  What’s also great about a balance disc is that you can still do your favorite exercises – just integrate the balance disc into them to increase the intensity!

The balance disc does this by creating an unstable surface so that you engage more muscle groups. For example, if you are doing a regular lunge on a flat surface, you are only working a few muscle groups. When you add a balance disc you automatically use more muscles since the surface is not flat. If more muscles are engaged into your workout, the faster your body will progress. Always remember that before adding the balance disc, you need to be able to do the exercise properly on a flat surface first.
Here are a couple exercises to try with your balance disc:

Crunch with the balance disc
Crunches: Sit on the balance disc keeping your feet off the ground and using your hands as needed for stabilization. Lean back as far as possible while extending your legs at the same time. Once the body is extended, bend your knees and waist bringing your knees into your chest. Repeat the movement and perform as many repetitions as possible while maintaining good form.


Pushup with the balance disc


Pushups: Place both hands on the balance discs or two separate balance discs depending on the spacing between your hands. Perform as many pushups as possible maintaining good form.



Squat with the balance disc


Squats: Stand up with both feet on the balance disc. Maintaining balance, bend your knees and waist to perform a squat. Continue squatting until your knees are bent to approximately 90 degrees, and stand back up. Perform as many squats as possible maintaining even balance and good form.

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