The Caveman's Essential Exercises: Mountain Climbers

If you’re looking to pump up your workout, try the mountain climber exercise. This is a full body exercise that’ll get your heart pumping. It’ll challenge your arms, shoulders, core, and legs. Feel free to modify it to your fitness level.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climber Exercise

1. Place hands on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width. Position one leg forward bent under body and extend other leg back.

2.While holding upper body in place, alternate leg positions by pushing hips up while immediately extending forward leg back and pulling rear leg forward under body, landing on both forefeet simultaneously. Contract the abs as both feet jump and switch positions. Alternate the feet for 30 to 60 seconds. Move your feet fast to increase the cardiovascular workout.


1. Get your cardio on: The intensity of your workout can be adjusted by how fast you move your feet. Alternatively, you can move slower, but extend your legs into a deeper lunge that uses the large glute and quad muscles to increase heart rate.

2. Work those abs: To more fully engage the core, start in a plank position and focus on pulling your knee to the chest. To work the obliques, pull the knee toward the opposite arm, or lift the knee to the side and pull it towards the same side shoulder.

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