The Caveman Explains Workout Calendars



We all know it’s hard to find time to exercise. We’re all busy and scheduling workouts can be difficult. However scheduling exercise into your week will help you stick to your plan. Regular exercise can improve your mood, combat chronic disease, manage weight, boost energy and promote better sleep. So after you’ve written down your fitness goals, try making an exercise calendar. An exercise calendar can really improve your chances of committing sticking to your plan and seeing results.

You can print out blank calendars from different websites or you can make your own. Here are some steps to make your own workout calendar courtesy of Livestrong:

Step 1

– Buy a wide-ruled notebook so it will be easy for you to see your handwriting.

Step 2

– Label the top of each page with the day of the week. Choose to label one week at a time, or label enough pages to schedule out the entire month.

Step 3

– Divide the page into thirds by drawing three horizontal lines of equal space down the page. Label the top third “Morning,” the middle “Afternoon,” and the third portion “Evening.”

Step 4

– Write your daily activities in each appropriate section. Use black ink for normal activities and red ink for high priority activities.

Step 5

– Determine during which thirds of the day you can perform at least 10 minutes of exercise to total 30 minutes per day. Write this in red ink and highlight it.

Step 6

– Cross off activities you complete each day. Complete your scheduled exercise before you end the third of the day in which it is scheduled.


Here are some links to premade calendar if you don’t want to draw your own:
A 10-Week Workout

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If you’re more technologically inclined, you can get a workout calendar app. Check out this one for the Iphone.


How do you Rockheads stay on track? As always left me know in the comments!




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