What’s Cookin’ at Ray Cook

With the name “Ray Cook,” only one thing comes ta mind: quality. Good ol’ Ray’s been around for years, and while he ain’t quite the fossil that this here caveman is, Ray’s legacy of quality and performance has been a pillar of the golfin’ world since 1963. He introduced his first aluminum forged mallet putter (the popular M1 Mallet) that year. Since then, the Ray Cook name has dominated professional tours with over 500 tour wins, including all 4 major championships. With Ray Cook putters in the hands of professionals as well as celebrities – includin’ Bob Hope and Bing Crosby – it’s easy to see that Ray Cook is a force to be reckoned with out on the course. But enough about the past! Let’s take a gander at some of the products that Ray Cook has lined up in the not too distant future.

New for May 2012, Ray Cook is revamping and re-releasing the famous Billy Baroo Putter! For all you fans of Caddyshack out there (which hopefully means all of you), the Billy Baroo putter famously sunk the $40,000 putt for Judge Smails in the showdown against Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase. While Smails and ol’ Billy Billy Billy Billy were eventually outmatched by caddy Danny Noonan, the famous Billy Baroo still won the putt and the hearts of golfers everywhere.

So what exactly is it about the Billy Baroo that makes it such a great asset to have in your golf bag? Featuring a TPU insert with grooves that promotes a quicker roll, this putter gives you unparalleled accuracy and exceptional feel out on the green. With precision investment casting and a soft 303 stainless steel alloy (the same material that gives the Austin and Blue Goose putters from Ray Cook that soft yet solid feel), this putter is exceptionally well-balanced and features clean lines and soft, blended edges. Top that all off with a classy cobalt/nickel plating, and it’s no wonder why these putters are such a sensation out on the course. With the release date of the newest Billy Baroo incarnation only a few short weeks away, be sure to stay tuned with RockBottom to get your hands on the club when it comes out!

But let’s say you can’t wait that long. You need the Ray Cook power in your golf bag and you ain’t about to wait for it. Heck, as a caveman you can’t always wait for lightnin’ to strike – sometimes you’ve gotta build a fire yourself. Fortunately, RockBottom’s gotcha covered. We offer a whole line of quality Ray Cook clubs at a fraction of the price. Save money in your wallet and save strokes off your score when you shop at Rock Bottom Golf!

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