So Tiger Is Out, But Will It Be Kaymar Or Westwood?

Kaymar on the riseLast week I poised the question “Will Lee Westwood becoming King of the Golfin Hill?” He needed at top 2 Dunhill finish in order to completely solidify his place above Tiger Woods in the golf rankings, but he slipped, quite literally, injuring his ankle and leaving him tied for 11th and sitting out for the next month until the HSBC.

He somehow pulled it off? Sort of… Since Neither Tiger nor Lee are playing again until November, Tiger’s points are going to drop off faster than Lee Westwoods, leaving him officially ranked #1 on October 31st. But gaining the top spot by default seems fairly lame to this caveman.

There is one golfer who may be able to bring excitement back into the race (or fall as it lays right now), Martin Kaymar. The 25 year old rocked the St Andrews Links this weekend, picking up his 3rd title this season, and shooting up him 4th place. But out of the top 4, he is the only one who will be golfing in the next few weeks as he gears up for the Andalucia Valderrama Masters in Spain on the 28thof October. If he wins at Andalucia, he would leapfrog Westwood into the 1st spot, leaving Tiger 3rd, the lowest he has been in over a decade.

Regardless of what happens, the HSBC classic will have 4 golfers vying for the #1 spot. Who do you think will be #1 after the HSBC? Tiger, Kaymar, Westwood, or Phil Mickelson?


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