Is Ochoa’s Retirement Permanent?

An 11 year old Lorena Ochoa once approached Rafael Alarcon to help her achieve her goal of being the best golfin’ lady the world. 17 years later, after not only achieving but keeping that title for 3 years, she has announced her retirement from professional golf.

During those 3 years on top, Ochoa had 27 wins and was the best known non-soccer playing athlete in Mexico. She wasn’t just a great golfer, she was also a great person, setting up the Lorena Ochoa Foundation, a school for under privileged students in Guadalajara. She also made time to greet the course groundskeepers during her tournament stops. Her Legacy will continue even with out her golf career.

But why leave the game so young, especially when you are on top? This Caveman won’t throw speculations, because Ochoa will be discussing the matter further this Friday, but he will admit that this is a loss for the LPGA and the golfin’ world, and that he is sad to see her go!

What do you think Rockheads? Is this a permanent retirement or will Ochoa be back?


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