Golf Trivia: Week 1 Winners, Correct Answers and More!

Thank you all for playing golf trivia last week! As promised here are the questions and correct answers as well as who scored the points for the questions. Want to get in on the action? Become a Fan on Facebook or start Following RBG on Twitter and keep an eye out for the next question!

7 people have won the SBS Championship back to back. Name 4 of them.
Answer: Ogilvy (2009-10), Stuart Appleby (2004-05-06), Lanny Wadkins (1982-83), Tom Watson (1979-80), Arnold Palmer (1965-66), Jack Nicklaus (1963-64) and Gene Littler (1955-56-57)
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How many times did Ben Hogan win The Masters?
Answer: Twice: 1951 & 53
Facebook: Zach Rizzuto
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Whose double bogey on the final hole on the 1961 Masters turned a one-stroke win into a one-stroke loss for him?
Answer: Arnold Palmer
Facebook: Zach Rizzuto
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In 1968 he became the 1st golfer to play four sub-70 rounds at a U.S. Open. Who was he?
Answer: Lee Trevino
Facebook: Matthew Stevens
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What Open Championship was the first to be televised nationally?
Answer: The first nationally televised golf tournament was the Tam O’Shanter World Championship in ’53, and was broadcast by ABC. The 1954 U.S. Open at Baltusrol GC, won by Ed Furgol, however, marked the first Open Championship to be nationally televised.
Facebook: Zach Rizzuto
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When was the first golf ball hit into space, and who hit it?
Answer: Alan Shepherd, February 6th, 1971
Facebook: Wendi Stegville (year and who); Zach Rizzuto (date)
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Who is the golfer who ended Jack Nicklaus’s bid for the 1972 Grand Slam by winning the British Open?
Answer: Lee Trevino
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Who finished second at his first major in the United States when he was 19, at the 1999 PGA Championship?
Answer: Sergio Garcia
Facebook: Jim Wasson
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Who was the first president of the Augusta National CC?
Answer: Bobby Jones was the first president. He co-founded Augusta with Cliff Roberts who became the club’s first chairman.
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Who was the only golfer to win the U.S. Open twice during the 1970’s?
Answer: Hale Irwin
Facebook: Tim Arnold
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Who chipped in on the 17th at Pebble Beach, allowing him to beat Jack Nicklaus in a U.S. Open? And which Open was it?
Answer: Tom Watson, 1982
Facebook: Mark Verrilli
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Which golfer was given the nickname “Champagne” when he said he would set the press up with bubbly instead of beer if he won the O.C. Open?
Answer: Tony Lema
Facebook: Keith Rogers
Twitter: MN Golf Gal

Who competed in 22 U.S. Opens before actually winning the title for the first time in the 80’s?
Answer: Raymond Floyd
Facebook: Rick Wright
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Who was the first to earn 2 million in his career?
Answer: Jack Nicklaus
Facebook: Brian Abercrombie
twitter : N/A

Who was the first to earn 1 billion?
Answer: Tiger Woods
Facebook: Mark Staben
Twitter: ipv6freely

Which hole did Gene Sarazen double-eagle during the 1935 Masters?
Answer: The 15th
Facebook: Butch Larroche
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Tiger’s margin of victory in the 2000 U.S. Open?
Answer: 15 strokes
Facebook: Jordan Padilla
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How many career PGA Tour victories did Sam Snead have?
Answer: 82
Facebook: Tim Arnold
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In 1924 he won the British Open and the PGA Championship, a feat unmatched for 70 years. Who did this? And then who matched it 70 years later?
Answer: Walter Hagen, Nick Price
facebook: Zach Rizzuto
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How old was Jack Nicklaus when he became the oldest person to win the Masters in 1986?
Answer: 46
Facebook: Eric Herzing
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How many British Opens did Jack Nicklaus win? What years?
Answer: He won the British Open 3 times in ‘66, ’70, ’78.
facebook: Robert Ayre
Twitter: doug_stanley

What PA course was the site of his first victory as a pro, the 1962 US Open.
Answer: Oakmont CC.
facebook: Zach Rizzuto
Twitter: doug_stanley

Who did he beat in a playoff for the title?
Answer: Arnold Palmer
facebook: Zach Rizzuto
twitter: doug_stanley

What was Jack Nicklaus’s golfin’ nickname
Answer: The Golden Bear
facebook: Blake Hagwood
twitter: compgolfassn

After doing the tally, Zach Rizzuto won for the players on Facebook with 8 correct first answers, and doug_stanley won on Twitter with 4. Congrats Doug and Zach, you’ve each won $10 worth of Caveman Cash good towards your next purchase at!

Not bad for the first week, but keep in mind this is a work in progress so here’s one change to the scoring for this week: the first person to answer correctly gets 5 points, and everyone with a correct answer gets 1 point. Person with the highest amount of points at the end of the week wins! So whether you catch the question right away or come across it late, be sure to answer if you know it because you’ll still get at least one point.

Congrats are also in order for the highest score on my Caveman Golfin’ Game: Jason Marsham’s score of 9400 took it this time! Be sure to play again next weekend, but remember you can only win once per challenge per month!


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