Meet the New Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Driver!

This week we are taking a look at the new for 2018 Hot Launch HL3 drivers by Tour Edge. These drivers come with a ton of innovative technologies to improve your game and give you the competitive advantage at exceptional prices. In fact, the Hot Launch HL3 clubs perform just as good as clubs twice the price. The HL3 drivers come with cup face technology on a titanium forged head, variable face thickness technology, a new aerodynamic head shape, a power channel behind the club face, and a rear sole weight. Read more about these features below. Also, the Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 clubs come with a lifetime warranty and can be custom fit by an authorized Tour Edge fitter within 48 hours, guaranteed! As they say… Get Fit. Spend Less. Play Better!

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Hot Launch HL3 technology

Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 driver features

  • A forged titanium head with cup face technology allows better face flexing for increased ball speeds.
  • The variable face thickness technology creates more contact points on the face to increase aim even when hit off center.
  • A new aerodynamic head to increase club speed and a higher MOI.
  • A power channel behind the clubface to reduce spin while increasing ball speed and forgiveness.
  • A rear sole weight to move the center of gravity back on the head for higher and longer ball flights.


NEW Hot Launch 3 Driver by Tour Edge

Take a look at the Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Driver introduction video and learn about the technology that goes into these drivers to improve your game off the tee.



Tour Edge introduces the HL3 and it’s features that YOU can afford.

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