A Four-Man Playoff At The Greenbrier Classic!

July 6th, 2015

Sniff’s Weekly Roundup

I’ve collected the top news and trending topics in the golf world so you can catch up on what you need to know! I’ve included some of the top stories as well as some of the most interesting stories and links from all around the internet! Enjoy! -Sniff

Here’s What’s Happened:


1. Danny Lee wins four-man playoff to earn first PGA Tour victory. Lee defeated Kevin Kisner, David Hearn, and Robert Streb who all finished at 13-under Sunday at The Greenbrier Classic. It took two playoff holes, but Lee outlasted the rest. Robert Streb had putter issues, but was given a replacement putter for the playoff rounds. Lee and Hearn made birdie putts on the first playoff hole, sending Kisner and Streb to the clubhouse. This was Kisner’s third playoff loss this year on tour. Lee parred the final hole to win it all.

2. Tiger Woods finishes Sunday with a bogey-free round. He didn’t end up in the top 25, but Woods left the Greenbrier Classic feeling encouraged about his performance. It was the first time he was bogey-free in 55 rounds.

3. Austrian Bernd Wiesberger rallies to win French Open. Being called the best round of his career, Wiesberger shot five birdies in six holes to secure a solid three-shot victory on Sunday. With the win, Wiesberger became the first Austrian golfer to win the French Open. He finished Sunday’s round with eight straight pars and his sixth birdie of the day.

4. US Golfers tweet support for the US Women’s National soccer team. With their first World Cup Championship in 16 years, it’s easy to get behind the women’s soccer team’s effort. Sunday evening, American golfers tweeted their support for the women after they beat the defending champions Japan by a score of 5-2. Even The Greenbrier Classic twitter account took some time to mention the ladies.

Links I Love:


  • Oops, missed the ball there, Shaq. Watch as Shaquille O’Neal totally whiffs on a tee shot at the Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am.
  • Robert Streb was part of the four-man playoff at the Greenbrier Classic this weekend. This is after he broke his putter and was forced to putt with… a sand wedge. Check out For The Win’s recap of all Streb’s putts.

    What to Watch For:

  • The John Deere Classic begins Thursday from TPC Deere Run in Silvas, Illinois.


Beat The Heat: Scratch’s Top Ten Tips Golfing In The Summer Heat!

July 2nd, 2015


Golfing in hot and humid weather can be dangerous. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can be serious. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that almost 320 American die every year from heat-related illnesses. However, if you take the right precautions, there’s no reason you can’t be hitting the course all summer long!

1. Stay hydrated

The best thing you can do for yourself on hot days is to stay hydrated. This helps replace the water lost from sweating and prevents fatigue. And if you’re fatigued, your golf game is guaranteed to suffer!

Stay away from coffee, sodas, and alcohol. C affine and alcohol act as a diuretic and will dehydrate you even more. You probably don’t need a sports drink unless you are super active. They are no more hydrating than water and are full of empty calories and added sugar. If you need more flavor, add a low-cal flavor packet or just some lemon juice!

The Mayo Clinic has a good article on the Symptoms Of Dehydration. Learn what they are so you know if you need to stop and head inside!

2. Drink more water than you think you need.Drinking-Water

Thirst is not a good indicated of whether you need water. When you feel thirsty, it means that you’re already dehydrated. You can even satisfy your thirst and still need more water. Keep drinking water throughout all 18 holes even if you’re not thirsty.

Drink one to two glasses of water before you start your round. While golfing try to drink 2 to 4 glasses (16-32 ounces), every hour. When you do hit the 19th hole, stay away from the booze and stick to water.

3. Golf in the morning or evening.

This should be obvious. Avoid being out during the hottest part of the day. However, the hottest time during the summer is not noon. While the sun’s radiation is strongest at noon, the temperature is not. The temperature will continue to climb so long as the earth is receiving more incoming heat than the earth is radiating back to space. It will actually peak between 3 pm and 4:30 pm each afternoon. After that, as the sun gets lower in the sky, the temperature will begin to fall gradually back from its high, and the drop in temperature accelerates after sundown. Scratch would recommend golfing from either 7am-12pm or 5-sun down.

4. Use Cooling Gear
Sure you soak the dirty towel you’ve been using on your clubs in some water and throw it around your neck, but let’s be honest, that’s just gross. Instead try some cooling gear like the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Sports Towel. Just wet it, and it’ll stay cool for up to 2 hours!

5. Wear the right clothes.

What you wear can DEFINITELY effect how you feel during the summer heat. Luckily for you, I’ve already written up a good how to on the subject. Read my article Beat The Heat: What To Wear This Summer On The Course!

6. Avoid the sun

You might burn more calories walking the course, but if the sun is brutal, grab a cart! Wear a hat and don’t forget your sunscreen. The longer you’re in direct sunlight, the greater your chance of heat stroke.

7. Snack right.

Don’t eat anything heavy or fatty before your round. Carry easy protein and fiber—dried fruit, bananas, apples, nuts, beef jerky, any sports bar with 10 grams of protein and 3 of fiber. Fruit is also a great snack because it’s a natural way to rehydrate. You’ll want to keep your energy up as the heat will drain you. Just try to keep each snack around 250 calories or you easily overeat!

8. Snack strategically

Nosh on holes, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15. Having something small and regular will stabilize your energy levels, keep you from becoming over-stimulated, and help you maintain your focus and fine motor control. It’ll also curb the desire to gorge at the bar.

9. Grab for more.hot-golf

Even at your best, it’s hard to hit for maximum distance. It’s even harder in the sapping conditions. Adjust your expectations for your game and use a little more club—the 7-iron over the 6—than you’d usually hit with to compensate, says Eric Alpenfels, director of the Pinehurst Golf Academy.

10. Build a stronger base on the treadmill.

Hit the gym. Try the exercise bike, treadmill, or elliptical. While good for overall health, cardiovascular exercise will help prepare you for challenging conditions, building overall endurance, leg strength and power, says Anthony Slater, performance specialist and general manager at Core Performance Center. Building up your physical stamina will pay off in the long run!



What do you Rock Heads do when the temperature spikes? Let me know in the comments!

Bubba Watson Wins Again At Travelers!

June 29th, 2015

Sniff’s Weekly Roundup

I’ve collected the top news and trending topics in the golf world so you can catch up on what you need to know! I’ve included some of the top stories as well as some of the most interesting stories and links from all around the internet! Enjoy! -Sniff

Here’s What’s Happened:


1. Bubba Watson snags top prize at Travelers Championship. For the second time, Watson won at Travelers, this time outlasting Paul Casey on the second hole of a playoff. Casey came back from a five shot deficit to force a playoff with Watson. With his eighth career PGA Tour victory — all of which occurred after 2010 — Watson’s win this weekend has generated buzz about Bubba being a shoe-in for the World Golf Hall of Fame.

2. Na Yeon Choi captures ninth career LPGA title. Despite a shaky round at Pinnacle Golf Club in Rogers, Arkansas on Sunday, Choi eagled the par-4 16th to ensure a two-stroke victory at the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship. Choi fell behind Stacy Lewis after heading into Sunday as the leader. Lewis bogeyed her final hole and ended up tying for third. Lewis has gone 27 tournaments without a victory.

3. Jeff Maggert wins Senior Open in Sacramento. This is Maggert’s second major victory this year, his first coming last month at the Regions Tradition. He finished at 10-under-270 at a rainy Del Paso Country Club. The group of Maggert, Bernhard Langer, and Colin Montgomerie have now combined to win the previous eight majors — Maggert with two, Langer with three, and Montgomerie with three.

4. Former Marine shoots a 57, including three holes-in-one, at an amateur tournament in Virginia. Patrick Wills made four birdies in the first six holes and two of his holes-in-one came on a par-4. The tournament was at Laurel Hills Golf Course in Lorton, Virginia. The score was so amazing, even the tournament coordinator didn’t believe it when he was told. However, Wills has witnesses — two of his sons watched it all happen.

Links I Love:

  • Minutes after a fan yelled out to use a 4-iron, Bubba Watson hit an amazing shot with a wedge. He turned to the crowd and replied, “That’s why you’re on that side of the ropes.” The shot set up a putt for birdie.

  • Donald Trump is telling everyone who works at Univision to stay off of his golf course? It can all be chalked up to politics. You can read more here.

    What to Watch For:

  • The Greenbriar Classic begins Thursday from The Old White TPC in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
  • Beat The Heat: What To Wear This Summer On The Course!

    June 25th, 2015


    It’s heatin’ up out there! While that’s great for the beach, hot and humid weather can make playing a round of golf challenging. How do you adhere to the dress code and not melt? Not to worry Rock Heads, Scratch is here to help! There are lots of sartorial options for both men and ladies. Check out these tips then head to the Cave to stock up on discount golf apparel!

    While you may want a t-shirt, most courses have dress codes, so a collar is a must. Look for short sleeve polo shirts, but take notice of the material. You may want to wear a comfy cotton shirt, but cotton gets heavy with sweat and then sticks. Not fun. Look for either a synthetic, a synthetic blend, or a cotton shirt than is specifically labeled as “moisture-wicking.” The means the yarn has been treated to absorb less sweat and dry quicker.

    Pants and Underthings
    Shorts are wonderful during the summer but not all courses allow them. Call ahead or check the course website if you’re unsure of the dress code. Just make sure to wear nice shorts not cargo or sporty shorts if they are allowed. If you have to wear pants, select a pair that uses synthetic material to draw sweat away from the skin. Look for golf pants that are articulated at the knees to prevent bunching when you sweat. Choose underwear made of moisture-wicking fabric or breathable wool to keep everything down there dry and cool.

    Skirts and Skorts
    Women are lucky in this regard. Even if shorts aren’t allowed on a course, skirts, and skorts are always an option. They’re much cooler than pants as they promote better air flow. Light-color, synthetic skirts will keep you cool on a hot day. If you don’t feel confidence swinging a club in a skirt, opt for a skort. A skort looks like a skirt on the outside, but has shorts underneath. As with golf pants, select pieces that are labeled as “moisture-wicking.” Ladies can also wear sleeveless shirts as long as they have a collar.

    Always wear a hat to protect yourself from UV exposure. A burnt scalp is not a good look, trust me. Wide-brimmed hats are a good choice as they provide more protection for your face. Like other golf apparel, hats also come with moisture-wicking capabilities. Some also come with sweat band inside the hat. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

    Rain Gear
    Humid weather brings with it the afternoon shower. I’m looking at you Florida! Make sure to pack a lightweight rain suit or large umbrella in your bag. There’s no reason to let some wet weather stop your round. Just remember to head inside if there’s thunder or lightning. Standing under a tree won’t protect your from getting fried.

    Try to wear light colored clothes. Not only is it season appropriate, but light colored colors absorb and hold less heat, keeping you cooler. Don’t know what to wear? Try this look: Wear both a white shirt and pants/skirt. Jazz this up with colored golf shoes and a belt that matches the shoes. It’s an easy look that is sure to get compliments.


    That's one way to stay cool!


    Jordan Spieth Makes History Again!

    June 22nd, 2015

    Sniff’s Weekly Roundup

    I’ve collected the top news and trending topics in the golf world so you can catch up on what you need to know! I’ve included some of the top stories as well as some of the most interesting stories and links from all around the internet! Enjoy! -Sniff

    Here’s What’s Happened:

    1. Jordan Spieth becomes just the sixth golfer ever to win the Masters and US Open in the same year. Spieth is also now the youngest to win the US Open since 1923 and the youngest to win a second major since 1922. Just like his win at Augusta, this one came in dramatic fashion. Spieth birdied the 18th hole with Dustin Johnson just one shot back and on the fairway. Johnson missed his putt for eagle, then the putt for birdie, making par and handing the title to Spieth.

    2. Jason Day collapses at US Open. The Aussie golfer collapsed on the 9th hole during the second round of the tournament Friday. He was diagnosed with vertigo and was treated by several local physicians. He mentioned prior to the tournament that he had been undergoing sleep studies for health issues. The scene was pretty scary, but Day continued to play. After Saturday, Day was tied for first place heading into the final round. He said he was feeling nauseous, but after withdrawing from a tournament last year due to vertigo the goal was to just get through the day. Day finished the tournament tied for ninth.

    3. Notable names miss the US Open cut. Tiger Woods continues to play terribly, finishing 16-over in just 36 holes at Chambers Bay. This would be his worst 36-hole score in any major championship. Rickie Fowler shot 11-over-81 in the first round, and couldn’t make up for it on Friday to make the cut. Bubba Watson had a decent first round but bogeyed five of the six holes on the back nine on Friday which sent him home. You can find the final leaderboard here.

    4. The course at Chambers Bay still a storyline even after a champion is crowned. Players didn’t hold back. One suggested the course looked like broccoli, others had an issue with the lack of trees. Even spectators were complaining that it was hard to navigate and full of dead ends. Golfers were commenting on their lack of respect for the USGA and frustration with this year’s tournament even after they had finished on Sunday. Even Gary Player had something to say:

    Links I Love:

  • Happy Fathers Day! Check out Golf Digest’s video series called Fathers and Sons: Shared Lessons. The series chronicles fathers and sons in golf.
  • Did you see the ominous black cloud of smoke in the background of the US Open? Apparently there was a warehouse fire not far from Chambers Bay Golf Course. Check out the photos at USA Today’s For The Win.
  • The PGA Tour put together a video of the Top Ten Players to win the US Open.

    What to Watch For:

  • The Travelers Championship begins Thursday from TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, CT.
  • The U.S. Open: ALL You NEED To Know!

    June 16th, 2015



    The U.S Open is here Rock Heads! This weekend won’t be about WHO the pros have to beat, but what – the Chambers Bay Course. Not only was this course specifically designed for a U.S. Open, but the two holes will change everyday! Players are already complaining about the difficulty of the course, but who cares?! That just means it’ll be more interesting for us fans to watch!

    What: The U.S. OpenOrig_3781_large5
    When: Thursday June 18 – Sunday June 21
    Where: Chambers Bay Golf Course, University Place, Washington

    Purse: $9,000,000
    Winning Share: $1.62 million
    FedExCup Winner’s Points: 600

    Par: 70
    Yardage: 7,585 yards
    Course Designer: Robert Trent Jones, Jr.
    Last Year’s Champion: Martin Kaymer

    Website: http://www.usopen.com/index.html
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/usopengolf
    Watch It Online: http://www.foxsports.com/foxsportsgo
    Live Leaderboard: http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/us-open/leaderboard.html

    TV Schedule (Initial Airings)
    Thursday: 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Fox Sports 1 , 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Fox Sports
    Friday: 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Fox Sports 1, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Fox Sports
    Saturday: 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fox Sports
    Sunday: 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Fox Sports

    Radio Schedule (PGA Tour Network on Sirius 208XM 93)
    Thursday-Sunday 12-7 p.m.

    Great Links
    PGATour.com’s Live Shotracker
    Interactive Yardage Guide
    Video Course Tour
    Course Breakdown: Hole by Hole
    Top 10 Fun Facts About Chambers Bay
    Thursday & Friday Tee Times


    Scratch’s Thoughts:

    The real story about this Major is the course. Chambers Bay was only open in 2007 with the backing of local politician John Ladenburg after spending 100 years as a quarry. But Ladenburg didn’t want just any golf course. According to Golf Digest, Ladenburg and an advisory committee made it clear they wanted a course built that could host a U.S. Open and sooner rather than later.

    They hired Robert Trent Jones Jr to create the difficult course we’ll see this weekend. And seriously it’s tricky – there aren’t many flat lies, even some of tee boxes aren’t flat!

    “Every hole seems like it is uphill,” none other than Woods told USA Today after playing a practice round.

    “It’s just hard,” Brooks Koepka told Golf Digest. “You can’t relax on one shot. You can’t take a shot off. You can’t take a second off.”

    The tournament organizers are throwing the players another twist. The first hole and the 18th hole will be set up differently each day, with them alternating between playing as a par 4 and a par five. (On days when the first hole is set up as a long par four, the 18th will be set up as a par five, and vice versa).

    How tough will this course be? The scoring average over the two rounds of stroke play when it hosted the 2010 U.S. Amateur was a robust 79.25. Chambers Bay is the first course in the Pacific Northwest to host the U.S. Open and it looks poised to be a memorable one in deed!

    Fabian Gomez Earns First PGA Tour Win!

    June 15th, 2015

    Sniff’s Weekly Roundup

    I’ve collected the top news and trending topics in the golf world so you can catch up on what you need to know! I’ve included some of the top stories as well as some of the most interesting stories and links from all around the internet! Enjoy! -Sniff

    Here’s What’s Happened:


    1. Fabian Gomez earns first PGA Tour victory at age 36. The Argentine shot a five birdie-one bogey round finishing the FedEx St. Jude Classic at 4-under 66. The tournament featured three top 25 ranked golfers in the world. Phil Mickelson finished the tournament tied for third, continuing his winless drought, however he did say he was feeling much better about heading into the US Open after this week.

    2. Inbee Park is on a roll, winning third Women’s PGA Championship in a row. She earned the victory at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship on Sunday after making no bogeys for three days — that’s 56 consecutive holes without a bogey. She shot a final round 68, finishing at 19-under par. The win puts Park back in the No. 1 spot in world rankings.

    3. Andrey Pavlov comes close to breaking the worst kind of record on the European Tour. This past Friday, Pavlov shot an almost-comical 17 on the par-5 first hole at the Lyoness Open. His ball landed in the water six times. This is the second-worst number of strokes ever recorded on the European Tour — the absolute worse coming in 1978 when Philippe Porquier shot a 20 on a single hole. Pavlov ended his round scoring a 90 — 18 over par. Chris Wood ended up winning the tournament with a score of 15-under.

    4. Jack Nicklaus shuts down complaints about location of this year’s US Open. With so many changes to this year’s tournament, it comes as no surprise that there have been some groans about the upcoming tournament. Chambers Bay, a golf course less than 10 years old, is the first course in the Pacific Northwest to host the US Open. The course lacks the typical tree-line fairways of other US Opens, since Chambers Bay only has one single tree on the entire course. It is also the first year that FOX Sports will be calling the tournament. What does Nicklaus have to say about the complaining? “It really makes little difference…You are going to play the tournament if you want to win the golf tournament.”

    Links I Love:


    • Zurich, an insurance company, just released this ad that shows a bunch a well-known golfers hooked up to a lie detector test and asked questions like, “Do you love the game of golf?”. Not sure what it has to do with insurance, but it’s pretty funny!
    • Check out these beautiful images from Sports Illustrated of Chambers Bay, home to the 2015 US Open.
    • Bubba Watson doesn’t seem to be one of those complaining about the US Open. He tweeted out this video earlier this week with the caption: “Putting & reading the greens well so far!! Good read @jtedscott #USOpenChambersBay”

      What to Watch For:

    • The US Open begins Thursday, June 15 from University Place, Washington.


    The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Golfin’ Dads!

    June 11th, 2015



    What is your favorite golfin’ memory of your Dad?

    I can remember being just a wee pup, my Dad (No, this caveman’s notfathersday an immaculate conception. Shocking, I know!) gave me my first golf club. Sure it was just a bent stick, probably comparable to one of those big red plastic golf clubs kids get now-a-days, and sure I went around smacking rocks, bugs and just about everything I found in the cave. But I loved it.

    A few years later, when I had calmed down just a stint. He gave me my first real metal driver. I was still barely taller than this medal rod, but I will always remember the days we spent together as he taught me how to properly swing this golf ball killing machine. That is why Sunday golf with my Dad has been and always will be my favorite memories of him.


    Father’s Day is coming up quick – don’t know what you’re going to give him yet? Just follow the Caveman’s advice to pick out the perfect present!


    • Set Your Budget. By knowing how much you want to spend, you can eliminate a lot of items and categories right off the bat and avoid buyer’s remorse on an expensive, unplanned splurge.
    • Know Your Target. How well do you know the recipient, and what do you know about them? By tailoring your gift to their personality or playing style, for example, you’ll show you’ve been paying attention and considered the individual and didn’t just grab the first thing you saw.
    • Avoid “Too Personal.” Some golf clubs and equipment, especially drivers and putters, are pretty personal items – it can be hard to pick one out for yourself, let alone another person! Unless you have a strong sense of what they want, you may be better off avoiding clubs or golf bags as gifts.
    • When In Doubt. If you really aren’t sure what to get, play it safe & go with a Gift Card. They’ll appreciate the gesture and will enjoy getting to do some shopping of their own!

    Here are a few gift ideas from Scratch:

    I’ve combed through every corner of the Cave and I think I’ve found the best gear for any golf lovin’ Dad. Check out my Great Gift Ideas for Dad! You’ll find clubs, balls, apparel, and anything else he could want at my “rock bottom” prices!

    If you don’t know what kind of clubs he likes to play, you can always check out our training aids section. While some golfers may take offense, just let your dad know that every golfer can always improve and its not because you think he is terrible!

    How about a Sunday Round? Rock Bottom Golf offers Discount Tee Times at numerous locations throughout the country! Snag one up and spend fathers day out on the green!

    And if all else fails, you could always get him a Gift Card to the Cave!


    David Lingmerth Wins His First, While Tiger Plays His Worst

    June 8th, 2015

    Sniff’s Weekly Roundup

    I’ve collected the top news and trending topics in the golf world so you can catch up on what you need to know! I’ve included some of the top stories as well as some of the most interesting stories and links from all around the internet! Enjoy! -Sniff

    Here’s What’s Happened:


    1. David Lingmerth earns his first PGA Tour victory in a playoff at Memorial. Lingmerth defeated Justin Rose on the third hole of the playoff while earning the praise of golf legend and Memorial host Jack Nicklaus. “Boy, did he play well coming down the stretch,” Nicklaus said. Not only was this his first win ever, but it was Lingmerth’s first top-ten finish of the season. It’s safe to say Lingmerth didn’t head into the weekend looking for a win. He was ranked 212th in the world and was the third-to-last finisher to make the field at Memorial.

    2. Tiger has the worst round of golf in his life. Woods finished last in a field of 71 players and with the odd number, he was playing solo all day Sunday. Critics are calling for Tiger to go back to the ways of Tiger, that whatever he is trying to learn now is not helping, but hindering. Some fans were surprised Woods even finished the tournament, half expecting him to blame a injury and withdraw. He finished the tournament two over par, a fairly pointless score. His Saturday, however was far worse– he shot an 85 — the worst round of golf of his career.

    3. Jordan Spieth finishes third at Memorial, shooting one of Sunday’s best round. His round included six birdies and a crazy eagle. He finished the day with a 65, which he says he is very happy with. With just one tournament between now and the US Open, Spieth looks to become the first player since Tiger Woods in 2002 to win the Masters and US Open in the same year. “[This is] exactly what we needed for momentum into the US Open.”

    4. LSU wins NCAA Men’s Golf Championship. Breaking a 60-year drought, the men’s golf team at Louisiana State University brought home the trophy last week after defeating other Division I powerhouses in eight rounds of golf. The Tigers entered the tournament ranked No. 7, and had to defeat No. 2 Vanderbilt and No. 3 Georgia to advance. To watch highlights and learn more about the tournament, you can visit the NCAA’s website.

    Links I Love:

  • Phil Mickelson tipped some kids $99 at a local lemonade stand outside of Columbus, Ohio. Read the story from the Columbus Dispatch.
  • Mark Calcavecchia wins his third Champions Tour title while wearing bacon pants. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • Justin Rose hit a fan in the head with a golf ball and someone got it on Vine. Watch and read more at SBNation.

    What to Watch For:

  • The FedEx St. Jude Classic begins Thursday from Memphis, Tennessee.
  • The Top 5 Best Summer Golf Destinations!

    June 4th, 2015



    It’s officially summer! Warm weather, clear skies, long sunny days, you know what that means! GOLF ROAD TRIP! Summer is the best time of the year to travel and play the courses you watch on TV. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next golfing trip, you’ve come to the right place. This here caveman’s been around fer a few… millennia, so I know all the best golfing hot spots. Check out the top 75 best golf courses if you’ve got the time. But for the Rockheads who are able to travel this year, here’s my own personal top 5 best golfing destinations recommendations:


    Pebble Beach



    1) Pebble Beach Resort/Inn at Spanish Bay, California
    The views, the history, the excellence – when it comes to Pebble Beach, nothing comes close. No wonder the USGA has, on more than one occasion, cut into the traditional 10-year gap for Pebble to host the U.S. Open. Plus Monterey County, California, is full of other amazing things to do on your vacation – drive the PCH, visit the Monterey Aquarium, or visit Big Sur!







    2) Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua at Maui, Hawaii

    There’s only really one word to describe the Plantation Course. GORGEOUS! This course has everything -surf, sand, mountains, and a challenging design. If you make it out to Hawaii this summer, make sure to take some time out of laying on the beach to hit this course!







    3) The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

    For you east coast-ers, it don’t get much better than The Greenbrier – it is a Forbes four-star and AAA Five Diamond Award winning resort( just in case you doubt Yelp.com). You can walk a piece of golf history. The first Ryder Cup in its current format took place here in 1979. Luxury accommodations plus great golfing – count this caveman in!






    4) Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Oregon

    If your on the west coast, take advantage of the four links and a par 3 courses at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon. Upon the opening of Bandon Trails, its third course,, Golf Odyssey, the newsletter devoted to golf travel, named Bandon Dunes, The Best Place on the Planet for Golf. I think that means you Rock Heads will like it.






    5) Sandy Lane, Barbados

    If your looking to travel to the tropics for your next golf outing you should seriously consider making a trip down to Sandy Lane, Barbados. Make sure to stay at the resort so you’re able to play the Green Monkey course. Designed by Tom Fazio, this course is carved from an old stone quarry and is exclusive to Sandy Lane guests.




    So there’s my list of best golfing destinations, but let’s hear from you traveling Rock Heads! Where have you gone for your best golf trips? Have any good golf stories yet? Leave your tales in the comment section!