The Internet’s Best Phil Mickelson Memes

Earlier this month, apparel company Mizzen+Main debuted a new ad featuring pro golfer Phil Mickelson avoiding golf balls by doing his best impression of the dancing gopher from Caddyshack. The reaction from the internet was immediate and a new Phil Mickelson meme was born.

Here are a few of our favorites from Reddit’s /r/golf forum so far:

I’m the reason why new drivers cost $499 from r/golf

Phil knows from r/golf

A few memes poked fun at Phil and his unique playing style while others used the template to admit their own shortcomings on the golf course and at the driving range:

Never change, Phil from r/golf

Par 5s at the Muni from r/golf

Every time. Even after they blow it 50 yards into the shit. from r/golf

From the edge of the green from r/golf

We all have that guy in our foursome from r/golf

Short Par 4 from r/golf

Egos from r/golf

Didn’t feel r/golf enough until I made a Phil meme… from r/golf

Golf is an expensive sport. from r/golf

Some posts used the new Phil Mickelson meme format to criticize the Tiger Woods-heavy coverage of the 2018 PGA Championship:

Sports writers today from r/golf

PGA Championship “Coverage” from r/golf

So, how long will this Phil Mickelson meme stay alive and active? Only time will tell, but if animated posts like this one tell us anything it’s that there’s still plenty of potential left!

Doing my best to keep this going from r/golf

Have you seen a good one we missed or want to make your own Phil Mickelson meme? Leave it as a comment on this blog or send it to @rockbottomgolf on social media!

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