Callaway Rogue Hybrid Spotlight

Hello, Rockheads! This week we are spotlighting the Callaway Rogue Hybrid. A little while ago we took a quick look at both the Callaway Rogue Drivers and the Callaway Rogue Irons. The drivers and irons are some of the more popular clubs we have seen lately. So we thought we would add a spotlight on the Callaway Rogue Hybrids as well.

Jailbreak Technology

These hybrids feature the same Callaway Jailbreak technology that goes into their Drivers. The Jailbreak technology serves the same general purpose in the hybrids as it does in the drivers stabilizing ball speeds across the face of the clubs. In turn, this technology provides more forgiveness.

Here are some of the Callaway Rogue Hybrid’s features.

  • Jailbreak Technology – In these hybrids, the Jailbreak Technology provides a stiffer face for better, more consistant speed and distance across the face.
  • Ultra-thin Face and Hyper Speed Face Cup Technology – Along with the Jailbreak Technology, the ultra-thin, Carpenter 45 steel face makes each shot faster. And the Hyper Speed Face Cup provides more forgiveness for center and off center shots.
  • and Internal Standing Wave – The Internal Standing Wave Technology promotes easy launch by positioning the CG lower and forward.


Callaway Rogue Hybrid – Mark Crossfield Review

I don’t think there is a club Mark hasn’t tested! And we are thankful! 😀 In this Mark Crossfield review, he put the Callaway Rogue Hybrid to the test. Mark is out on the course collecting shot data and giving his impressions. It may not find its way into his bag. But he is definitely impressed on the numbers and suggests that he would recommend these hybrids to some of his students that “want as much help as possible and are not that kinda confident in this range.” Overall, you need to test them and see how they feel for you, but the numbers and performance are top-notch, and Mark seems impressed. Check out the whole video!


Callaway Talks: Rogue Irons & Hybrids

Harry Arnett and Dave Neville sit down to talk about the Callaway Rogue irons and Callaway Rogue Hybrids in this video. Harry Arnett is S.V.P, Marketing and Brand Management, and Dave Neville is Sr. Dir, Brand and Product Mangement at Callaway Golf. In the first part of the video, these guys go over the Rogue irons and what technology goes into those irons. You can also check out our Rogue Irons Spotlight blog post to find out more about the Rogue irons here. In the second part of the video, Dave and Harry talk about the Rogue Hybrids, including the Jailbreak technology used in the design of the head. Check it out to find out much more about these great clubs!


Callaway Rogue Hybrid Review – Golfshake Review

Here is another review of the Callaway Rogue Hybrids! Owen Davies from Golfshake takes them out on the course to test them out. From the looks to the feel to the technology, Owen gives his impressions on these great looking hybrids. A lot of awesome information here to give you a better idea of what the Callaway Rogue hybrids are all about and how they can fit into your game. What do you think? Will you be found on the course with these in your bag? Take a look at this review to find out more!


Hybrid Testing TaylorMade M4 VS Ping G400 VS Callaway Rogue

A little head to head here from Micheal Newton Golf. He is certainly having some bad weather issues, but he does succeed in giving these three clubs a fair head to head comparison. See how the Callaway Rogue stacks up.


Callaway Rogue series banner

Here are some more Callaway Rogue spotlight posts: the Callaway Rogue Irons and the Callaway Rogue Driver

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One thought on “Callaway Rogue Hybrid Spotlight

  • August 7, 2020 at 6:09 am

    Great review of a club that deserves to sell well. Really like how your reviews are real world out on the course, not just just off a mat and numbers off a machine.
    Also really good that you are saying what you think of these clubs, then challenging people to get out there and see what it does for them. After all, it’s the consumer ‘s personal opinion who is using it that matters most.


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